My extra blessing

I was adopted when I was 4.  I love the whole idea of adoption.  The idea of loving someone simply because they need love, the thought that sharing my family could bless someone else as well as myself and the simple joy of having a new someone new to boss around. 🙂  The only issue we’ve had is getting ourselves to the point where adoption is a real option and feasible for us.

My oldest son used to ask me why I didn’t get him a twin when he was born like I did for Cora and Trevor.  I would laugh and tell him that was just the way God made it.  But, little did I know his ‘twin brother’ was just waiting to meet us.

Two years ago Tanner asked to bring his friend Elijah home for the weekend.  I said he could, and by agreeing managed to meet my other son.  Elijah is smart, handsome, funny, and all the family who met him tell me he is just like me.  He has a stunning singing voice, he plays basketball, and he loves to dance.  Really, he is my ‘mini me’.

Since he spent that first weekend at our house he’s become another son.  He comes over and is treated just like one of my own.  He is my oldest son’s twin, my version of adoption, and one of the biggest blessings I’ve received in the past couple years.

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