A few of my favorite things

Here it is Spring.  The sun is shining (for now) and the pollen is freely blowing around the area.  As long as there is mostly sun I don’t even mind the occasional Spring showers.  I just don’t want it to get all crazy.  When I can tell it’s Spring I start thinking about Summer.  Summer is my favorite time of year.  There is generally all the sunshine I could ever want, my husband BBQs nearly every night, and I get to see my kids so much more than during the school year.  Spring means Summer plans.  So,  I’m trying to pick out cheap fun things to do this summer.  It just occurred to me recently that I only have a couple of summers left that my oldest will even want/be available to hang out with the family.  That’s really sad.  But, on to planning summer:

–        Camping:  Of course we have camping.  We go multiple times every year.  My kids really enjoy camping.  We don’t have a trailer and we don’t do ‘fancy’ camping.  We have a tent and a cook stove and some chairs.  We spend lots of time wandering around looking at all the cool things in nature.  (I shouldn’t really say ‘we’ wander around.  The kids and TJ wander around while I read a book and lay in the sun).  Camping is one of my favorite vacations because TJ takes responsibility for cooking and cleaning because he knows I’m not a big fan of dirt, trees, bugs, or animals.  Okay, I hate nature.  But, I enjoy being with my family so it really balances out the whole camping experience.

–        Swimming: My parents own a pool and my kids spend hours in it.  I used to swim even when it was so cold it made my lips turn blue.  Of course, now I realize that sitting in the air conditioned house really is the best option for getting cool and saves all those around from seeing me in a swimming suit.   But, swimming is still fun.  I even get in the pool (despite the nature it involves – bugs, leaves, lizards, pee etc) when no one but my immediate family are around.

–        Outdoor BBQ parties:  This generally involves just us (and whatever neighbor kids wander over).  We BBQ (we = TJ when it comes to BBQing), hang out on the porch with the tiki torches lit (it keeps most of the bugs away), and just enjoy the long evenings.  It’s pretty glorious.

–        Swinging on the front porch: Sure, our swing is really more of a glider.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of my favorite summer activities.  Once we get all the kids in bed TJ and I often sit on the porch and talk.  Yes, weird I know.  We get caught up on all that’s happening in our crazy lives, we talk about whatever comes to mind really.  (We= mostly me when it comes to talking )

–        Gardening: I shouldn’t really call it gardening.  I should call it harvesting.  The truth is I don’t actually enjoy gardening.  But, I enjoy having something to harvest which simply means I have to garden first.  I didn’t plant anything last year and it made me sad that I didn’t have anything to harvest.  Gardening wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t involve dirt, snakes and bugs, but it does.  So, I have to get through that part this year and then I will have tomatoes (fresh tomatoes off the vine are so yum), squash (yummy when I actually cook them – I wouldn’t eat one raw, not even for money), and maybe a couple other things (I planted corn one year and it was delish, but if I remember correctly it wasn’t as easy to do as tomatoes and squash which I can’t seem to kill).

–        Rafting:  I adore our annual rafting trip.  Heading down the Sacramento river with zero plans and no way for anyone to contact me or distract me from relaxing is the best!  It is only improved by the fact that we go with people we adore.

–        Baseball: Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like baseball.  But, I like watching my kids play sports.  And, my youngest son adores baseball.  He gets so into it that it truly makes it fun for me to watch.  I also love sitting by the other moms chatting about our kids and the fun they are having on the team.  The worst part of summer is not seeing my friends (aka: other school parents)

I’m sure there is more summer fun I’m missing.  Keep me updated on what you have planned that I should try.

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