Interpretation is everything

There are days when I go to work, mosey through the day, and then waltz to my car and head home.  No stress, no craziness – just a nice day with a job well done.

Then there are days like the past few weeks have been filled with.  The days where I work 13 hours, go home, fall in bed, and the get up and do it all over.  These days are filled with stress, drama, and tons of hiccups that are made into insurmountable mountains by my brain and emotions, and most of the time at least a couple minutes of tears.

First, I should clarify and say that I love my job.  It’s interesting.  I am well paid.  99% of the people I work with understand I have a family and my family comes first.  And, truth be told, I work with quite a few really awesome people.

However, there are days when I just can’t see it.  And, I have noticed that those days are usually the days I’m going crazy.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I have decided that the real key is remembering to ‘upgrade’ my attitude.  By upgrade, I mean, improving for something better.  I tried it yesterday and it totally worked.

When I took the position I have now I was taking over for a 60 something year old man who was pretty bitter and disgruntled.  He had been working in the same job (more or less) for 30+ years.  I don’t want to become him.  Some of his gripes were legit.  I mean, obviously when you work in a big office and you’re the end of the line for production and the quality of the product is somewhat dependent on you – the stress of other people repeatedly leaving you in the lurch is gonna grate on you.  But, the thing I noticed was that he ended up just angry about things that really were just part of the job.  I’m determined not to become that.  I will maintain a happy outlook.  I will enjoy my co-workers.  I will remain me.

Read a quote recently “95% of your emotions are determined by how you interpret events to yourself.”

Time for some good interpretations!

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