Pride is a silly thing.  We’ve all heard the Bible verse “Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall” Proverbs 16:18.  The hard part is listening to it and believing it can happen to us.

I truly shouldn’t have pride in anything.  There is nothing overly special about me.  If I somehow disappeared off the planet people would certainly be able to take up where I left off and fill whatever holes I might leave.  But, still I manage to puff myself up about completely silly things that really have zero meaning in the long run.  Some of my favorite things to be prideful about:

My children.  They are truly beautiful.  Everyone says so. I don’t think they are just being nice.  I’m pretty honest about most things.  I can tell when my kids are going through an ugly stage. But, for the majority of the time they are really beautiful.  Not only that, but they are funny.  They make me laugh, but they also make other people laugh.  They have good comedic timing.  They are smart, and athletic.  I have really great kids.  But, truth be told – other people have great kids too.  I see some amazing kids out there who do amazing things.  My kids are probably more average than I like to admit. I know that they have many faults and I could even list them for you if you were to ask.

My singing.  I like to pretend like I have an amazing voice.  I am seldom around people who have a singing voice that is so beautiful that it makes me cry.  But, when I get to hear someone with that it certainly puts me in my place.  Other than that I’m happy to cling to my ability to carry a tune, to hear tone and to harmonize and keep my harmony when others are singing melody.  I don’t have the ability to make people cry when I sing.  I don’t give people goosebumps.  Truly, I just sing for the fun of it so there shouldn’t be any pride there.

My typing. AHAHAHA!  This one hurts to admit.  But, I am prideful of the fact that I can type without looking at the keys and I type pretty fast.  I don’t watch other people type so I don’t have to bother my selfish pride with the facts that lots of people can do what I do.

My ability to organize events and schedules.  I enjoy this.  I am good at it.  I can keep everyone organized and going in the right direction.  But, the truth is lots of people do this and do it as well if not better than me.  I just happen to be surrounded by many who don’t enjoy it or just don’t do it.  It allows me to do something I enjoy and excel in in comparison.

My general honesty.  I feel like the majority of the world hides their true self.  I have seldom been bothered with shyness or worrying that others won’t like me.  I realize I have many faults and if people don’t like them they’re welcome to not be my friend.  I am often prideful of my ability to be honest about things that other people are delusional about.  Things like, not all three of my babies were beautiful when they were born.  Kids are creepy looking (even mine) when they have no teeth.  My children are not the very best at everything and they are not needed to keep the team, choir, play, or whatever going.  I am short and fat.  My husband often takes too long to tell a story.  Anyway, people ignore and/or lie about these sorts of things.  I don’t get the point.  That doesn’t mean I’m right.  There is something to be said for softening the truth to spare those who aren’t prepared to hear it.  Obviously, I could improve on that.

The point is that my pride often goes before my fall.  It annoys, but I shouldn’t be surprised.  I mean, I was told it would right there in Proverbs.  I was warned.

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