Running for survial

I’ve started exercising again. *sigh*  It had to be done.  I am sure I will still hate it like I usually do, but seriously now is the time.  There are so many types of exercise that are possible.  I’ve only been limited by my pure hatred of some.

My very least favorite exercise:  Running.  What is the deal with people loving it?  I really really hate it.  It makes me feel like I have to pee, it makes me feel like puking, and it is boring.  Don’t bother telling me to look at the beautiful world around me because I really don’t like being outside and I don’t like nature much so it’s not really an ‘up side’ for me.  I pretty much think the only time I should run is if there is an emergency OR if a crazy scary animal (bear, mountain lion, puma, etc) sneaks up on me and is trying to eat me.  Why is it that running is really the only good single person sport for exercise?

There are other less horrible things that are good exercise.  I have been playing two nights of volleyball (one competitive and one just for fun).  It’s a great time.  I forget I’m exercising because I’m enjoying playing so much.

I suppose the second biggest issue in exercise for me (the first is I just don’t really like it) is the clothes.  When I go to town looking for exercise wear this is what I find:

Um…death first.  No one wants to see me in that, and I certainly don’t want to see me squished in it.  What ever happened to the good old days of a nasty t-shirt and cut off sweats?  These outfits don’t really even look good on skinny people.  It’s weird.  Just put some clothes on already.

The other issue is that generally people see me when I exercise.  I don’t want people to be looking at me while I’m pretending my slow meager trot is ‘running’.  I want a private venue for exercise.  Of course, if I had that – the clothes wouldn’t matter much, would they?  Also, I’m tired of hearing that I shouldn’t care about other people looking at me when I’m exercising and that no one is really paying attention.  Yeah right.  I go to the track and I look at the people who are out of shaping huffing and puffing around, and it’s not pretty.  I am sure others think the same when they see me.

The only reason I’ve started exercising again is so I can tell my daughter to exercise too.  I can’t very well tell her to go jogging when I am sitting on the couch.  I mean, I guess I could, but I doubt she’d stick with it.

So, I’m up and at ’em.  Just don’t point and laugh when you see me flopping around the track, panting and gasping for air, and my giant t-shirt and cut off sweats wet with nasty sweat.

2 thoughts on “Running for survial

  1. I hear you! My husband set up the weight machine in the basement for me. I have a total gym now, weight machine, ab lounger (waste), treadmill, those special push up things, pull up bar, every possible band you can think of, medicine balls, all those balls you sit on…you name it I got it. Still don’t use any of them! Today is the day, you’ve inspired me

  2. Karen says:

    I agree about the clothes and people watching me. I wear big t-shirts and shorts that cover my thighs. I often change to a “walk” when there are people driving by me or there are people around that I know. There are only a few that look good while they run. I don’t know how I look, but I don’t want to leave a bad memory in anyone’s mind.

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