My Posse

When a couple has their first baby – the first few outings are a little strange.  There’s tons of extra stuff to carry, extra strapping in the car, and the baby itself is something to be remembered – and that’s a lot when you’re surviving on very little sleep and recovering from childbirth.  Somehow, after not too very long it becomes routine.  Things settle into place and it doesn’t take an extra 3o minutes to an hour to get everything and everyone in the car.

Then, the second (and third if you’re cool and have twins the second time around) baby shows up.  It’s another learning process, but generally it goes a little quicker.  The parents have learned a few things, know a few tricks, and a little ‘wiser’ (haha).  There’s still some learning that happens, but once the newness wears off things are fine.

Now, I’m at the stage where the kids get themselves ready, grab most of what I need for myself for me and get in the car and are usually waiting for me once I get there.  I love this stage of the game.  The strange thing is when one (or two) of them is gone.  I get the same sensation I did when each of them arrived.  I’m not quite sure what the deal is but something is off.  I get in the car and I just feel like I’m forgetting something.  I get ready to leave and I have a hard time getting my heart to believe my mind when I don’t have the three kids with me.  It’s such an odd thing how something so simple as subtracting just one child from the equation makes life completely different.

The twins are gone with Grandma for a week – enjoying fun in the sun while I stayed home and am slaving away at the daily grind stone.  Seriously, I feel like I’m losing it because I keep checking to see what I forgot.  I didn’t forget anything. I just don’t have my usual posse.  It feels really weird.  So glad they are coming back in just a few days.

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