All I want for Mother’s Day…

According to the commercials I’ve seen (which I admit are few because I have DVR) for Mother’s Day I should want very specific things for Mother’s Day:

1. Jewelry:  I like jewelry.  What girl doesn’t want something sparkly?  But, let’s be honest – a girl can only have so many heart charm necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

2. Fancy Dinner: I don’t really enjoy going out to fancy dinners.  I find the price tag makes it difficult for me to swallow.  I prefer to have my husband cook me a steak or something and spend the time at home with our little family.

3. Lingerie:  I have no idea how the idea that a MOM would want lingerie for MOTHERS DAY even makes sense to anyone.  Seriously?  Give me sweats and a tank top and maybe let me go to bed early or sleep in.  That sounds way more glorious than something I don’t even want my kids to see.

4. Specialty chocolates: Yeah…maybe I’m anti eating my gifts, but I don’t really find fancy chocolates that great a gift.

5. A brand new car:  I don’t want a car payment.  I like the car I have just fine.  This seems like a pretty spendy Mother’s Day gift anyway.

Things I would love to have for Mother’s Day are:

1. A clean house.  Nothing I love more than walking into the house to find that the kids and their dad have taken the time to straighten up for me.   It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just effort put in.

2. Sleeping in.  The gloriousness of having one day not being awake when the kids wake up is the best thing ever.

3. A home car detail.  Yes, having someone clean my car out without me asking – taking out the old school papers, the old  chicken nuggets stuck under the chairs etc would be lovely.

4. Pedicure.  I adore going and having my feet pampered.  It feels amazing, and I feel like it lasts a long time for the cost.

5. Massage.  This is my guilty pleasure.  It’s pretty expensive, but I enjoy it so much that I allow myself to ignore the cost.


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