It’s about that time (Rules for Summer)

Yes, it’s true.  It’s about that time!  School is nearly out – one child has 5 days left and the other two have 10.  After that it’s shorts, sandals, and tank tops!  So – let’s take this moment to remember a few good fashion/summer etiquette rules.

1.  Friends don’t let friends wear sandals without pedicures.  Seriously.  Don’t do it.  Sand off that dead skin and paint those toenails.  Do it for the people who see your feet.

2.  Socks and sandals are never okay.  I realize you like it.  That doesn’t make it right.

3. “Jorts” (also known as jean shorts) should not be worn for swimming or for playing basketball.

4.  Cover up! I understand you think  you look amazing in your swimming suit.  However, I don’t want to see your cheeks hanging out of the bottom of your suit while you walk around the store.  Throw on a tank top and some shorts, mkay?

5. If you haven’t shaved – don’t take it off.  Have a little courtesy toward the rest of us.  We do not want to have to look at that.

6.  Don’t assume you look exactly the same as the model on the tag of  the bikini you bought.  LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

7. Swimming in the pool or the lake does not equal bathing.  Soap and water, people!

8. Your child is cute.  WASH HIS/HER FACE.  Their popsicle stains are not cute.

9.  We can hear you.  Just because you’re kids are swimming too far away to hear you – don’t just scream.  The only people who can hear are on the shore or side of the pool by you.

10.  Don’t pee or let your kids pee in the pool.  You don’t think we know, but we do.

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