Natural Consequences

It’s so fun to have children who share my interests.  I like to watch basketball.  Both my boys like to watch basketball.  I like to get my toenails done.  My daughter likes to get her toenails done.  I love to drive thru the little Mexican hometown place and all three of my kids love it too.

The hard thing is when my kids don’t like what I like.  I try to remind them that since I am the one with the job they really should do what I want.  But, in the interest of democracy, happiness and quiet I tend to give in often.

A few examples:

I really like keeping the cabinet doors in the kitchen closed.  My kids don’t seem to know why anyone would want to do that.

I enjoy cooking in clean pans and eating off clean plates.  My children think that putting pots and pans in the cabinet that still have small pieces of old food on them.

I think that trash should be put in the trash can.  My children think that on the floor close to the trash can is good enough.

To those who feel they should attribute this to my parenting I’d like to say WHATEVER.  I have never allowed my children to throw their trash on the floor nor have I allowed them to not clean the dishes or leave cabinets open.  I feel like I shouldn’t have to make a request for these things on a daily, nay sometimes hourly basis.

Sometimes I think that natural consequences are the best way to go.  Now that my oldest son is tall and the twins are decently tall – the cabinets are the perfect height to hit their heads or hips on.  Natural consequence.  When dinner is late despite the kids ‘starving’ I can say that I can’t cook because the tools I need are gross.  Their starving is a natural consequence.  Genius.

I tell you, this is a day in the life, friends.  Just one day…


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