Cell phone Happiness

For the twins birthday they requested cell phones.  I”m not to the point where I think they need a cell phone.  In fact, I’m positive they do not need one.  They are never without me or some other adult who has a phone.  I realize it’s a status thing and it’s more about saying “I have a phone” than actually using one.

So, girl twin spent weeks (probably actually months) trying to convince her dad that her desire for a phone should be fufilled.  Dad was very noncommittal and pretty much told her it wasn’t going to happen.  Boy twin says he doesn’t know what he wants for his birthday, but yeah a phone sounds good.

I discussed the subject with my husband.  He said there was no reason for them to have phones and I have to say I agreed.  I called the cell phone company to see what the cost would be to add phones to our account.   First problem: I could only add one phone to the plan since we already have so many phones on it.  Lame.  Second problem:  I really don’t think I want the kids to have the freedom to just call and text whomever they please at age 10.  So, I decided I would look into pre-paid.  I go to Walmart (which tends to have the most prepaid phones as far as I can tell).  I got the scoop on them all.  They seemed pretty expensive.  So, I started thinking about just adding a phone and having the twins share a phone.  Finally, I decided to look online.  Found some super cheap pre-paid phones. While reading about the phones I saw that the kids could listen to the radio, take photos, and play the pre-loaded games without me actually purchasing the minutes.  So, I ordered them.  The phones were exactly what they promised.  They have no service on them.  They are everything that was promised and the twins are so happy.  They constantly have their headphones on listening to the radio, they are playing games that are old school but clean, and they are taking photos of everything they  can think of.  They both adore that they can tell people ” I have a phone!”

All’s well that ends well I suppose.


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