If the cat’s away the twins will play

The twins are loving being only children.  It’s funny that they consider just having the two of them being like being an only child.  I assume this is a twin thing…

First thing they both sat up front on the way home from school because their big brother was gone.  That’s funny because they have a nine seat suburban that was empty except them and their dad.  Then, they came home and both called dibs on making snacks before homework. Again, this is something their big brother does and they don’t usually do.  After that – they borrowed his headphones (without asking since he’s not home) and sat together listening to music.  They convinced their dad to make their favorite dinner without having to hear their brother complain he doesn’t like it.  Right now they are discussing who gets which side of his bed.

I’m entertained by their dividing up his things and his space.  I know they will start missing him in about 24 hours, but right now they are reveling in the spoils of having no big brother around.


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