Teenage Packing

After a weekend working to earn money for my oldest’s basketball camp we had 8th grade pictures done, and then spent the rest of the day packing him for camp.  I am anti me doing his packing because I think it’s important for him to learn.  However, I’m also anti my kid freezing to death or getting somewhere with other people and being a burden to them because I didn’t supervise his packing. Yes, I’m a control freak.  I’m working on it.

Packing with him went something like this:

Monday through Friday I nag him about  being sure all the clothes he intended to take were clean and read to pack.  Had he found his beanie, did he have his safety goggles, did he have the wool socks or the under armor gear he needed.  There was little work that I could see, but I worked hard to keep myself from over-helping and focused on him needing to learn to complete tasks.  I am a person who likes a list and I like to get things done early.  I’ve found he likes to procrastinate.  He still manages to get things done, but he generally likes his own timetable better than mine.  He finds no stress in waiting to the last minute where I fret about it until it’s done.

Saturday he was at the car wash all day and honestly when I got him and myself home I wasn’t in any condition to nag.  I really just wanted a nap.

So, of course, that left us Sunday.  Finally it was do or die.  He started grabbing things, getting things washed, and packing.  But, still not paying attention really to details because he was too busy texting.  I finally had him give me his phone while he finished.  “Mom, everything’s packed.” Okay – you have your coat?  “Oh…I’ll get it.” and then “Mom, everything’s packed.”  Okay – do you have your beanie?  “I’m not sure where that is.”  Seriously.  He’s 14.  My husband says I should just let him go suffer in the 40 degree weather without a coat or socks.  But, something won’t let me.

Now, it’s nearly midnight on Sunday night.  He went to bed an hour ago.  I think he has everything packed.  I certainly hope he does.  I’ve gone through the list and reminded him of all the things many times.  But, I have no doubt he will end up there without something he needs.  The truth is that he will be fine either way.  He’s going with people who will take care of him.  Just wonder when I”ll stop being the over protective mother and be able to let it go.


2 thoughts on “Teenage Packing

  1. Soon enough. Before you know it you won’t have the chance. Enjoy the moments you can help they are limited. He learned from the experience that he really wasn’t prepared and that will stick with him when he is on his own.

    • Yes, I know. I keep trying to remind myself that it’s really not about ME. He will learn and if I do my best to parent him along the way eventually it will sink in.

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