Eat your words

I realize that as an American I fall into the instant gratification social belief system.  This has never been more evident than when I’m dieting.

I fully believe that I should get some sort of weight loss points for just thinking about dieting and exercising.  All the mental prep I have to go through is pretty tough on me.  It takes me days just to concede that I should diet.  Then, once I do I have to start thinking about exercise, cutting back on favorite things, and not indulging my coffee love.  Are you feeling the pressure of just thinking about dieting.

Then, I start the actual diet.  So ridiculous.  I stop eating all the stuff I love , I cut back or cut out coffee, and no soda.  After one day – I feel that I should be noticeably thinner just for giving up all the things that make my days better.  Instead, I eat a ‘sensible’ dinner and look in the mirror.  No change.

Personally, I’m sick of hearing things like “well, it didn’t take just one day to get all the weight on so it’s going to take a while for it to come off.”  This is not encouraging.  It’s more of a chastisement for my impatience.  I don’t want to hear it.  If you can’t feel my pain then you should just make a “I get what you’re saying” face and nod.  I also dislike hearing people who enjoy exercise.  Don’t try to make me join your cult.  I don’t want to be fat, but I really don’t want to be an exercise freak who annoys everyone with all their workout reports.  You know the person.  They come in to your office or whatever space and say things like ‘wow, I had the best run last night.  I can still feel it in my butt muscles.” or something equally not fun to hear.  Get away from me with that crazy talk.

Tonight my daughter said “we should buy some soda.” I said, “No, we’re on a diet.”  She said “wait, what!?!  I never agreed to that!”  Yes, I know exactly what she means.

Basically, I just want to complain about diet and exercise and have people agree with me.


6 thoughts on “Eat your words

  1. I hear ya. I’ve basically given up on dieting. I’m convinced that diets suck, and they’re not good for you (your mental or physical well-being), and they don’t encourage long-term health.

    I’ve decided to be more concerned with health than dieting, per se. Because I’ve been through the dieting and exercise thing far too many times and with far too unnoticeable results.

    So, now I eat for health, and I try to eat things that taste good, and I always eat until I’m actually satisfied (not stuffed, but not still hungry). And I feel SO good, and as a side benefit, I’ve noticed that I am slowly losing weight.

    When I diet just for the sake of losing weight, I get discouraged when I don’t notice changes immediately, but I think when I’m eating for health, the focus is different. I’m not looking for results in the way I look as much as I’m looking to keep myself healthy long-term, avoid cancers and diabetes, and all that stuff. So, I know I’m doing a good thing, no matter what the results are, and I can be happy about it. I think the same is true for exercise.

    But I really do “get it,” and it’s annoying when some things come easier to some people than to others, but that’s just life. And that part sucks.

  2. I totally get it. I was SUPER skinny and then found out I had a thyroid issue… long story short I am still trying to lose the weight the darn medication put on years later! Dieting is not fun…there should be a miracle drug! Can’t they come up with something by now yeesh! 🙂

  3. Michele says:

    The diet and exercise thing I totally get. I have spent my whole life trying to figure out how to achieve the “Me” I want to be. However, I’m really conflicted because there are two “Mes”. The one that wants to be all skinny, toned and hot. Then the other one, the one that loves to eat and be lazy and only worries when the clothes aren’t fitting.

    Over the years I have been the annoying person eating all the right stuff and exercising till it burned, and by the way loving it, at least at the time. Then I would stop and put it all back on. Yes I know about the yo-yo syndrome.

    So now I try to relax. I exercise but not for weight, but I do what I really enjoy. For example, I love Yoga. Not hard core, but that which stretches out the body. So I try to put in a DVD at least 3 times a week, and stretch out my back. Side benefit I don’t have to go to the chiro. YEAH!!! Also I love spending time with Dan, so we walk. Walking right now is out because of all the flying pollen, but we will start up again, soon – I hope. Rain is also a hinderance. I don’t like being wet when out and about.

    Eating – that’s a tough one. The truth is I would rather eat real food, but I have kids, so the chips and dips and cakes and ice cream always seem to be around. I do not like deprivation, so I try to do portion control. The Weigh Down diet really taught me that one. I got rid of the platters, and now we eat on normal size plates. I actually have desert bowls and not huge cereal bowls. I know I’m not at my ideal weight, and the clothes are once again too tight, but I think that these little tricks help. BTW some times I forget about portions and go back for seconds. Have to remember that’s not why I bought the smaller plates!!!!

    Ask me again in a year, I’ll probably have a whole new approach at that time. Yes the yo-yo syndrome. 🙂

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