Into the wild blue yonder

My children love to go camping.  It’s interesting that they love it so much because their mother really is not a fan of being outside.  I remember liking camping as a kid.  I’m not sure if it’s the constant junk food we got to eat the whole time, the friends and family we went with or just that it was something different than the usual day in and day out.  I grew up camping in an RV.  My kids don’t have that.  Instead they really truly camp – tents, sleeping on the ground, etc.  It’s a lot for me to get myself out there because there is just so much NATURE involved.  But, I do go because it’s fun to have family outings they love.

Just yesterday the twins were asking how many days until school was out.  I told them six.  They immediately wanted to know when our first camp trip was going to happen.  I told them it was scheduled for the middle of June.  They started talking about their favorite camp sites and what they liked about each one.

Our first camping trip is always to Patrick’s Point.  It’s a company sponsored trip.  A bunch of my co-workers and their families go.  We hang out at the beach, we sit around the campfire, and really it’s just a beautiful and relaxing time.  I really can’t complain too much (aside from the usual dirty feet, bugs, and filthy clothes that general camping brings).   Thankfully, Patrick’s Point has bathrooms. (Praise the LORD!)  My kids adore that their friends are there and it’s just a great weekend for the whole family.

Another place we go every year is Tamarac.  It’s way up in the mountains, difficult to get to, and very secluded.  The camp site is great.  It has a little fresh water creek running through it and overlooks a lake.  The husband and kids go down and swim in the lake (I heard there were water snakes and I will never ever get in the water there).  I generally get to spend a lot of time reading and tanning while they all hike.  It’s lovely.

And, our third favorite camp place is Siskiyou.  It is, of course, my most favorite because it’s the least like camping.  There is a store, showers, a place the kids can watch movies, and yet we still camp and go to the lake, go fishing etc.

I have to admit hearing the kids discuss it makes me a little excited to go.  It’s really just great to get away from everything – out of cell range – and spend some real time with my little family.

One thought on “Into the wild blue yonder

  1. Love this! I’ll have to share your favorite camp sites with Mark and see which ones he knows about/has been to. I’m with you on not being a huge fan of camping, but can’t wait until we get to take our kids someday.

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