I hate racism

It is odd to me that there are still people who believe that there is equality difference that is evident in the color of our skin.  I do see color.  We all do.  To say we don’t is a lie. But, to divide ourselves because of that color is ridiculous.

Today I went to Walmart.  I seldom go there, but I had a few things to pick up and so I drug the whole family in.  While there I heard someone making a total racist statement.  I turned around to see that the person was serious about what they had said.  It was so crazy.

We have a sweet boy we’ve ‘adopted’ into our family.  He is black.  But, he is so much like me in every other way that people tell me he really could be mine.  His color does not have anything to do with the fact that he is a sweet, kind, happy, friendly, and talented boy.

My children tease about things that are racist.  My oldest son says that he likes silver because he’s Mexican.  We heard this and it entertained us so much that someone would truly believe that such a thing was true that we have always joked about it.  We do this with many things.  But, my kids do not comprehend such things being considered true.  This is not a pat on the back for my husband and my parenting.  It is just me wondering why and how this silly concept of racism is spread.

I hate the hurtful stupid comments that people make.  I hate the strange outdated sentiments that people tend to feel.  I just want the rest of the world to catch up to what I know – none of us are any better or any worse because of the color of our skin.  What matters is how we behave and how we treat others.  The rest of the world seriously needs to get over all the rest of it.

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