Extra helpers

In the course of running different events, fundraisers, programs etc.  I’ve learned something.  Often LESS IS MORE.   My grandmother used to say “One boy is a whole boy.  Two boys is half a boy, and three boys are no boy at all.”  It’s oh so very true.  But, it’s not specific to boys.  It’s true of any group of people.

I’ve discovered that there are a few different types of people who help with events.

  • Those who are driven.  These people will make things happen.  They will make decisions on their own, push themselves and they often lead others with not only their words but their actions.
  • Those who are workers.  These people are happy to help in any capacity. They will make themselves available and try to lesson the load for those who are in charge.  But, they don’t want to make decisions, boss people around, or take the responsibility.
  • Those who distract.  These people show up generally for the social aspect of the task.  They have zero interest in helping and will do the minimum expected (or less if they can get away with it).

I find it difficult (as a mixture of someone who is driven and a worker bee) to understand the third group.  I can’t stop myself and sit on the side lines while others are working.  I also do not allow my children to sit on the sideline while everyone else is working.  I don’t want them distracting others who are trying to work.  It’s really bizarre to me that others don’t notice this (or don’t care).  It is a weird thing to explain to someone who thinks that any volunteer is better than a few volunteers.  Totally not true.  There are certain groups of people who work well together.  There are certain groups who do not.  There are certain distracting people who really should just be left out of the group all together.  Maybe harsh, but totally true.

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