Taking Forever

Sitting in the car with my kids waiting for dad while he runs in the store. ‘This is taking forever!’ one of the twins complains. Really? Forever? It’s been less than 5 minutes. The a/c is running & the radio is on. It’s not that I don’t remember thinking things were taking forever, but it’s just interesting to be on the other side and realize that things just take time.


Help out Enjoy!

One of the coolest local things we have in Redding CA is Enjoy Magazine/In House Marketing.  They are super involved in tons of local charities and also have worked hard to share the value of local vendors in their store.  Right now they are trying to qualify for a $250,000 grant from Chase.  You can support local business by going here: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/ and voting for them.  They only have 75 votes right now and need 250 to qualify for the grant.  Can you take just a minute to vote?  To check out Enjoy’s magazine – go here: http://enjoymagazine.net/ . I can tell you that I know a few of the people who own/run this business and they are probably two of the hardest working people I know.

Thanks for your help!

One Cool Bird

I love getting work bonuses.  It makes me feel appreciated over and above a salary.  I like doing a good job and I like knowing that others think I’m doing a good job too.

Recently I got a new boss and she implemented a recognition program.  I like the idea okay.  I mean, I don’t work with my own group very often, but it’s nice to hear that they think I work hard or whatever.

Anyway, this is the award.

It says “One Cool Bird”.  Each person who gets it is supposed to add a little something to him to help ‘deck him out’.  This could be fun.  Last month I had him and my co-worker dropped by my desk to give him a parasol.  Today, when I was in his new home (co-worker’s office) he had a new necklace on.  Any good ideas on how to dress him up and make him ‘extra special’?


My Diva

When I was little I always had something in my hand to use as a microphone.  My mother never told me to stop singing and she seldom got annoyed with my constant noise. As a child I missed how blessed I was and as a mother I now realize just how blessed I really was.  I now have my own daughter.  She loves drama, singing, and dancing.  She is actually really good too. (I’m not the type of mom who says that about everything her kids do either.  There are lots of things my kids really should not do because they are lame at them).

Last night we were waiting for the basketball team to meet for flocking and my girl was standing in an empty parking lot singing and dancing.  I snapped a quick picture, and I just love it.

This girl is so amazing.  She jumps in with both feet and just enjoys her life.  She lives life to the fullest and doesn’t want to waste a single second.  What a amazing example to all around her (including her mama!).  She has her own sense of style and her own dreams.  Don’t be surprised when you see her with her own album or her own show sooner or later.  This girl will do whatever she wants because she has the ability to ignore those around her and do her thing.

Come on, Summer!

Summer is seriously my favorite time of year.  I adore the sun warming me until my skin is brown and I feel my muscles relax.  I love the long evenings with my family – eating on the patio, hanging out on the porch when it starts to cool off.  I covet the long evenings because I work all day and it’s MY time.

This summer is leaving a lot to be desired.  The summer rains are at an all time high this year and we’ve only had two days over 100 degrees.  This is not satisfactory summer for me.  I want it to be warm enough for swimming, boating, and tanning.

We plan to camp a couple weekends this summer, but we decided to wait and see if July is warmer.  This cool summer doesn’t make camping sound fun at all.  Being cold in a tent while trying to sleep is the worst!

I have managed to grow a tomato.  Just one so far, but I am sure many more will follow (you know how tomatoes do).  I can’t wait to make some Pico de Gayo! Yummy!  Really anything with garden fresh tomatoes is the best.

So, this is me saying “COME ON SUMMER!” I’m ready for warmth and good times.

Generous Neighborhood

It is constantly amazing to me that there are so many generous people in the world.  I am surrounded by them on a daily basis.  I won’t disagree with people who say there are a lot of selfish people out there.  I’ve seen that too.  But, today I am focusing on those who are generous and loving to me.

As the mother of three children I spend a lot of time giving.  I give my time, effort, and abilities to so many different things on a weekly, no, daily basis.  Many people don’t have the ability to do that and will write me a check.  Truthfully, I’m okay with that.  It’s something I can’t do and so I’m happy to do the things they can’t as a trade.

The thing I find most amazing is that it’s not just the people who have kids and want to help out.  It’s those who love the idea of community and still believe that giving toward something like that helps build something worth building together that make me truly amazed and happy.

I believe in neighborhood and community too.

Date nights

What is a date night for you?

For me, a date night involves at least my husband.  It involves nice conversation, perhaps a lovely adult beverage, some appetizers, maybe a movie or just a nice walk…but mostly it involves my husband.

Date night has become delayed because of his renewed passion for fishing.  I find it annoying.

The thing is – it’s not that I begrudge the fishing.  I understand he finds it relaxing and wonderful.  (I don’t, but that’s because I hate nature.)  I just don’t want fishing to interfere with date night.  That’s all.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.