18 Reasons I love my husband

  1. He makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. Even when the troubles of life are crazy heavy.
  2.  He is tall. He made our kids tall. It’s awesome.
  3.  He can be firm or cuddly depending on the situation and what he needs to be.
  4.  He is super smart, but doesn’t flaunt it or try to make others feel dumb.
  5.  He is real. He doesn’t try to make people like him. Either you do or you don’t & he’s good either way.
  6.  He works hard. He never complains about it, and just puts his head down and gets the job done.
  7. He is quick witted. Everyone who knows him knows he’s hysterical.
  8.  He is kind. He always stops to help people who are broken down on the side of the road or to help anyone who needs a hand.
  9.  He is great with kids. He coaches, teaches, and is always involved.
  10.  He always smells good. It’s really amazing!
  11.  He is loyal and steadfast. He doesn’t give up on people quickly.
  12.  He is calm. He reminds me to be still when I’m whirling out of control.
  13.  He is willing to fight for things he believes in. This goes for beliefs, people, and anything else.
  14.  He is quirky. He always wears shoes & loves new socks more than anyone should.
  15. He’s a fantastic dad. He gives up time, money, & sleep with very little complaining. He holds our children to a high standard and they know it is his expectation that they meet it.
  16.  He is never macho. He doesn’t need to act tough because he’s a giant. He is strong and solid without any act.
  17.  He is honest. He works to keep his word.
  18.  He loves me all day, every day with no exceptions. I know he always has my back. He is the perfect partner for me.

Happy 16th Anniversary to Us!

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