Not so quiet

On the first Saturday of summer my husband woke up at 7am.  Yes, it’s true.  He left me ‘sleeping’ and woke all three kids up.  They went outside to get started on the yard work before it got too hot.  (Yesterday’s temperature of 102 degrees made him worry about doing midday yard work).

Saturday is the ONLY day I get to sleep in.  Seriously, the only day.  And, by sleep in – I mean I stay asleep until 8am.  So, while I am so happy that tons of yard work got done.  I dislike being awake early.

I do love that they all thought I was still sleeping.  However, their idea of being quiet is not the same as mine.  They opened and shut cupboards, yelled to one another from upstairs and down and vice versa.  My oldest said “Is Mom home?” and my twins replied “Yes, but she’s sleeping in so be really quiet.”  This conversation took place DIRECTLY OUTSIDE my bedroom door.

Then they went outside.  My oldest used the weed eater to clear the weeds right under my bedroom window.  Boy twin was hammering something nearby and girl twin was complaining loudly that the weeds were hurting her fingers and soon she would have ugly blisters on them.  I heard lots of encouragement and direction from my husband toward the kids too.  Also “When your mom wakes up she will be so happy with all your work.” 🙂  Classic.

After about 30 minutes I had to get up.  Once I’m awake laying in bed isn’t as fun as I always think it will be.  I did get to recline on the couch and eat my breakfast in ‘quiet’.   The kids came in a little while later and said ‘we’re working on a surprise for you!”

It was great that they did 3 hours of yard work and it’s not even 100 degrees yet.  Now, they are off to the pool to refresh themselves from working so hard and from keeping so quiet. 😀

One thought on “Not so quiet

  1. Justine Fenner says:

    This is the scene at my house most Saturday mornings, Really! Saturday is my only day to sleep in and I like to try to take advantage! I was laughing so loud when I was reading this. Lili and Kevin asked what was so funny so I had to share.
    You have such a talent for putting your thoughts to paper. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your blogs

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