People watching

As much as I say I want quiet – the truth is I don’t really like too much quiet.  I grew up in a big family.  Big families have lots of noise.  It’s just the way it is.  We seldom watched tv as kids (my parents let us watch the Sunday night movie and a few other things if we were sick).  I remember my dad’s mom having the tv on every time we went to her house.  She said she kept it on so things weren’t so quiet.  I didn’t understand then.  Now, I do.

So many of my friends adore quiet and being alone.  I have heard that those who don’t like it are ‘running from their own thoughts.  I think it might be something more simple.  It’s just what you’re accustom to and what you thrive on.  I am an extrovert.  I thrive on people, human contact, and the comradery of family and friends.  My husband thrives on quiet alone time where he can ‘recharge’.  But, he grew up in a small family.  I’m pretty sure that both the nature and the nurture come in to play in such things.  A mixture of genetics and learned behavior is probably the answer for a lot more than we think.

When my husband and kids are gone I sit in the house and can enjoy it for a very short time.  Then, I start wondering what everyone I know is doing.  I generally hang out with my best friend’s family.  It actually is depressing to me to be all alone.

I feel the most at home in a group with people laughing, talking, and interacting.  It makes me happy to chat, laugh, and observe all the social things that happen in groups.  You know, the talking with hands, the touching that people do, who talks loud, who sits back and watches, etc.  All so very interesting.  I really love sitting in a coffee shop watching the interactions happening.

I just don’t like it when I’m trying to sleep and people are talking. 😀



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