Basketball camp

The week after school is always basketball camp for my boys.  It was strange to have my older son have three other things (still basketball) scheduled for this week, and have him NOT attend the same camp he’s been attending for years.  My youngest still went and he is loving it.

The first day only he and I were up early.  He got ready and then he said “You know, I love basketball, but NOTHING should start at 8am on the first day of summer”.  Hm, yes – I have to agree.

We headed off to camp.  It was cold and raining and weird for June.  But, we got there and I walked him in.  I said “do you want me to wait with you until your friends get here?”  He looked at me with a look of ARE YOU KIDDING!?! and said “No thanks, I’m good.”. So different from his siblings.  But, I understood his wanting to ‘look cool’ so I left.

I got a chance to go back and watch him play and he did awesome (he’s the one with the good hands up on defense).

Today when we were headed out to camp I said to him (my quiet anti-social son) “You know, there is an award they give at the end of this camp for the boy who is helpful, outgoing and friendly to the new players.  Maybe you could win that?”  He sat quiet for a minute and then he said “Yeah, that’s not going to work out.  I don’t like talking and I don’t like being friendly to people.” Then he gave a little shrug.  It made me laugh.  He is so comfortable with who he is.

I know his favorite part of the week has been hanging out with buddies and playing ball.  But, my favorite part has been getting to spend those rare moments with just one kid, chatting with him, eating breakfast with him and enjoying his individual-ness.  It’s a great thing to be a mom.



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