I have two boys and a girl.  The twins have friends over on occasion but usually my teenager is the one with the friends over.  This means that the majority of the time our house is filled with boys.

Boys are a special breed.  (They are not all the same.  There are reasons why people stereo type though and that’s what I’m looking at here.)  The ones I have at my house generally have either one of two types of interests.  I call them inside interests or outside interests.  All the boys seem to have both but mostly pick one to focus on.

Inside interests: video games, drawing, tv, and computer

Outside interests: swords, basketball, baseball, soccer, pretty much any other weapon (real or imagined) that can be used to fight with others (either real or imagined).

Our boys are outside interest boys (though are happy to do inside things as well) and it’s always a little bit of an adjustment when someone with inside interest is over.

Last night I had five boys here.  They were playing basketball, sword fighting, and eating pizza. (Pizza tends to be common boy denominator – at least at our house).  Once we got in the car it was soooo smelly!  We always say “It smells like boys in here!” and last night the boys all laughed and said “IT REALLY DOES!”  That’s the other thing about boys – they are cool with being smelly.  The thing I love the most about boys – they are pretty easy going most of the time.  They have fun together, they forgive quickly, and they don’t spend too much time primping. 🙂

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