Lego Battle

The house was silent when I got home last night from doing the flocking for fundraising (a flock of flamingos poked in the ground at different houses around town and left as a surprise for the people there in the morning – people are loving it!).  I got everything plugged in, put away, and started to go to my room.  Just as I was heading to the bedroom I saw this:

Yes, you are correct – it’s an epic Lego battle.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this scenario, or even how many times I HAVEN’T seen it and stepped on it in the dark.  But, for some reason last night this little battle scene gave me a flash of nostalgia.  My oldest is 14 and done with Legos.  He’ll play on occasion with his brother, but not really his thing anymore.  My youngest is 10.  He will be done playing with these guys in the not too distant future.  My house will be Lego free.  That makes me sad.


2 thoughts on “Lego Battle

  1. Life & Sunshine says:

    we share our house too with a tiny lego mini world…not stepping on them in the middle of the night is like a weird 6th sense 🙂

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