I really like saving money.  In fact, I get a thrill out of a receipt that tells me how much I saved and what percent I saved.  I am not part of the group that says “well, you may have saved $100 but you still spent $30” or whatever.  Generally speaking I figure that I’m going to be spending money anyway so the items might as well be discounted.

I’ve watched Extreme Couponing or whatever the show is called.  I think it’s pretty exciting all the stuff they can get for free.  I am just a little traumatized by them building their store houses full of stuff that they may or may not use.  Like, the one I watched the woman wasn’t married and didn’t have any kids, but she was stock piling diapers and wipes just in case.  Um, weird.

For the past few months I’ve been using the online coupons from Safeway.  I like that I can do it electronically.  I don’t have to clip anything or carry anything.  It just remembers for me.  Then, I print out the list for my husband and we go.  He says it takes more work and makes shopping take way longer (he’s generally our shopper when it comes to groceries).  I am sure that it does take longer, but it’s worth it to save some serious money.

Paying full price for no reason is ridiculous.  I’m hoping to get better at using coupons so it takes less time, but is more efficient.  Maybe soon I will be building a extra room to store all my treasures in (probably not).  Honestly, I just want to buy the things I need and save a little along the way. 🙂

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