Father’s Day 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Today I’m thinking back on my childhood.  My dad had seven kids.  He worked hard and he worked long hours.  He traveled a lot.  Still he managed to be a good dad.  His focus was raising Godly hard working children.  I’d like to think he did a good job.  We went to church on Sundays.  We did lots of chores and projects.

One of the things I’ve learned isn’t as common as I assumed – my dad can truly do anything.  He is shockingly smart. He is able to do complex math and also able to write brilliant reports with actual correct grammar and English.  But, over and above being able to use both sides of his brain – he is good with his hands.  He can build basically anything.  He can fix anything and always has a genius ideas on how to fix them.  He can work with wood, plastic or metal.   Seriously, he’s awesome.

As an adult I’m able to look back and realize just how blessed I am to have him.  As children we tend to take such things for granted.

Now, I am married and have a husband who is an amazing father to my children.  He is similar to my dad in a few things, but he’s great in his own ways.  He is actively involved in nearly all that my kids do. He works a lot, but is always home helping me raise our children.  He is my rock, my shoulder to cry on, and the person who believes in me – even when I’m not sure I believe in myself.  But, even more than that – he is those things for our children.

It’s interesting that because he did not have a dad around growing up that he wants to be all that he felt he missed.  He may get tired and cranky on occasion, but he never loses the focus that being a dad is a very important job.  He is willing to be firm when the kids are in need of someone to be firm.  He is willing to comfort them when they need that too.  It makes me happy that he is the father of my children.


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