Come on, Summer!

Summer is seriously my favorite time of year.  I adore the sun warming me until my skin is brown and I feel my muscles relax.  I love the long evenings with my family – eating on the patio, hanging out on the porch when it starts to cool off.  I covet the long evenings because I work all day and it’s MY time.

This summer is leaving a lot to be desired.  The summer rains are at an all time high this year and we’ve only had two days over 100 degrees.  This is not satisfactory summer for me.  I want it to be warm enough for swimming, boating, and tanning.

We plan to camp a couple weekends this summer, but we decided to wait and see if July is warmer.  This cool summer doesn’t make camping sound fun at all.  Being cold in a tent while trying to sleep is the worst!

I have managed to grow a tomato.  Just one so far, but I am sure many more will follow (you know how tomatoes do).  I can’t wait to make some Pico de Gayo! Yummy!  Really anything with garden fresh tomatoes is the best.

So, this is me saying “COME ON SUMMER!” I’m ready for warmth and good times.


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