My Diva

When I was little I always had something in my hand to use as a microphone.  My mother never told me to stop singing and she seldom got annoyed with my constant noise. As a child I missed how blessed I was and as a mother I now realize just how blessed I really was.  I now have my own daughter.  She loves drama, singing, and dancing.  She is actually really good too. (I’m not the type of mom who says that about everything her kids do either.  There are lots of things my kids really should not do because they are lame at them).

Last night we were waiting for the basketball team to meet for flocking and my girl was standing in an empty parking lot singing and dancing.  I snapped a quick picture, and I just love it.

This girl is so amazing.  She jumps in with both feet and just enjoys her life.  She lives life to the fullest and doesn’t want to waste a single second.  What a amazing example to all around her (including her mama!).  She has her own sense of style and her own dreams.  Don’t be surprised when you see her with her own album or her own show sooner or later.  This girl will do whatever she wants because she has the ability to ignore those around her and do her thing.

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