One Cool Bird

I love getting work bonuses.  It makes me feel appreciated over and above a salary.  I like doing a good job and I like knowing that others think I’m doing a good job too.

Recently I got a new boss and she implemented a recognition program.  I like the idea okay.  I mean, I don’t work with my own group very often, but it’s nice to hear that they think I work hard or whatever.

Anyway, this is the award.

It says “One Cool Bird”.  Each person who gets it is supposed to add a little something to him to help ‘deck him out’.  This could be fun.  Last month I had him and my co-worker dropped by my desk to give him a parasol.  Today, when I was in his new home (co-worker’s office) he had a new necklace on.  Any good ideas on how to dress him up and make him ‘extra special’?


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