Sharing this because I loved it

I loved this blog entry.  Please read (beware – you may need a tissue before you finish).



Camped at a lovely place this weekend.  It’s not far from our house (about 1.5 away) but it was cool and pretty.  The kids had a blast.  They rode bikes, swam, fished, had smores, and pretty much were happy to be free from the normal everyday routine.

We got off to a late departure (shocker – seems to be our MO with this group of people…maybe something to do with having 10 people we’re trying to coordinate).  A late departure means late set-up and late dinner.  Thankfully, we’d prepared most of dinner before we left.  So, we quickly heated everything up after setting up camp and then the kids rode bikes a couple laps, and then we hung out at the campfire.

I’m not a big fan of sleeping on the ground.  I’m not a big fan of sleeping pretty much anywhere but my bed.  But, I agreed to sleep in the back of our suburban.  My husband bought a mattress to fit and we’d done it before and it was okay.  The three boys were sleeping in the tent.  The three girls decided to sleep in our friends brand new (BEAUTIFUL!) trailer.  My husband informed me he forgot the mattress for the suburban.  Lame.  I knew my hips and back would not be impressed, but I just said “it’s okay.  It will be fine.”  We got the kids in bed,  got everyone situated and I was nearly asleep when the car door opened.  It was child #3.  “Mom, those people are super loud over there.  I can’t get to sleep.”  I asked about the older boys.  Of course, like normal teenagers – they had passed out and not even noticed the noise.


Older boys sleeping like rocks

So, I told him to go back to his tent and try to fall asleep.  But, then the neighbors (not our friends, but the other neighbors) were so loud I could hear them in the suburban so I opened the car door and called to him that he could come get in the car with us.  He jumped up, brought his sleeping bag and pillow and climbed in.   And then it began…

He wiggled.  He talked.  He squirmed.  He twisted.  He did not sleep.  So, finally I said “Maybe I will go sleep on the air mattress in the tent.”  I let him take my spot in the suburban and I went to the tent.  The older boys never heard a noise.  It really was unbelievable.  I kept drifting off and the neighbors who were crazy loud would yell or fall or something.  Craziness.  I would jump and then realize where I was.  My back and hips were better than expected, but they still are not super pleased about the events of the weekend.

Mostly I was just impressed the teenage boys ability to sleep on the ground, sleep soundly, and basically until they were forced to get up.  Then, they’d stumble from the tent, and my oldest would grunt something like “I’m hungry…” Haha.

We did have fun (as long as the kids were fed and there was food in sight for them so they were not worried that they may be hungry again soon).  It’s so nice to have friends who we enjoy doing things with!

Pre Camp

We are headed out camping this coming weekend.  My husband has decided this is the summer the twins will learn to pack for themselves.  I’m okay with that.  It’s interesting to see their personalities come out while they are learning.

First, he had the kids get their sleeping bags out.  They recently had a sleep over so they were sitting the bottom of the closet and were not rolled up.  He had them pull them out to the center of the living room floor.  Child 2 found her bag immediately, brought it out and spread it all the way across the floor and then laid on it.   Child 3 spent about 5 minutes ‘searching’, but never found it.  He did manage to find four G.I Joe guys and his phone.  Child 1 had to be ‘gently reminded’ to get off the couch several times (he kept getting up but then whenever we would look back he’d be back there).

Child 2 wanted to roll the bag without getting off the floor.  She’d slide the bag (which would make it unroll) but she, of course, didn’t notice how big it was getting.  She was still rolling away.  Child 3 informed us that he couldn’t possibly roll his sleeping bag up until it had been washed.  It’d been used by his brother and needed to be cleaned before he used it.  Child 3 had already rolled his sleeping bag after basketball camp so he again settled on the couch.

Then, it was time to get the suitcases out.    Child 1 grabbed his, brought it out and sat on the couch again (seriously, I finally threatened him).  Child 2 didn’t want to touch hers.  It had gathered some dust since it was last used.  Child 3 couldn’t find his.  But, he did find a couple toys and sat quietly playing with them until I noticed he was gone.

It’s funny to see how each of them figures out how to avoid the chore.  The joy of being a mom…

Rolling up sleeping bags takes ‘teamwork’….LOL


My favorite pastime

My youngest son loves pretty much every sport he’s ever played.  He has a natural aptitude for sports.  But, if anyone asks him – his favorite sport is baseball.  The sad part of that is that he has such amazingly horrible allergies that it’s often difficult for him to play in the Spring.  This year we signed him up for a Summer league.  I was concerned that it’s not as competitive as the other leagues.  But, my husband and I decided that if he could play without being in an allergy pill drowsy state that it would probably be better for him personally.

He played his first game last night.  I have to say that he looks SO adorable in his uniform.  Something about little boys in baseball uniforms is the best.  Not sure why.

So, here’s the actual problem I have.  I hate baseball.  I realize that’s considered ‘not American’.  I realize that there is some sort of requirement that I understand the rules, enjoy the hours spent on the field etc.  But, the truth is – I hate it.  I don’t understand half the rules.  I don’t like being outside with bugs on me.  I hate that the urine smell from the bathrooms can be smelled long before I actually walk over to them.  I’ve tried to play baseball.  I’ve tried to learn to like it.  It hasn’t worked out.

I was concerned when my boy started showing so much interest in baseball.  What was I going to do?  I mean, I go to my children’s other sporting events and yell and cheer and help out as much as possible.  My youngest son is the one who would notice my lack of interest the most.  So, I made it my mission to cheer as hard at baseball as I do at volleyball and basketball.  The first season was pretty difficult.  The kids sucked.  (Obviously, they are just learning.  Not judging … just saying…)  And, since I don’t feel that the sport redeems itself – it made for some really boring baseball watching.  But, after a few games I got better at cheering for him and the whole team.  I’ve found many phrases can be shared between the sports too.  “Good try”, good hustle”, “way to stick with it” can all be shouted and sound encouraging no matter what sport you’re talking about.

So, what I’ve discovered throughout multiple season of baseball is this:  while the majority of Americans may claim that baseball is their favorite pastime – my favorite pastime is watching my kids do things they love, improve, and feel like they have accomplished something.  I can live with that.

Co-worker vs. Friend

There seems to be some confusion about the difference of co-workers and friends.

These are two separate categories, but obviously certain people can be in both…and obviously certain people who cannot be in both.

I find it extremely odd that people at work don’t get there is a line between co-worker and friend. I have been blessed with a few friends at work. But, I generally draw a line.  It takes a bit to get over that line and we need to realize we have a lot in common.  I am amazingly creeped out by people who want to share intimate details of their lives with me who I barely know.  And, on the flip side of that they want me to share intimate details of my life with them.  Uh…no?

Hail the conquering heroes!

The week is up and my oldest is coming home tonight!  I am so excited.  I’ve missed him, even though it’s been much quieter since he’s been gone.  I’m not a big fan of quiet anyway.

The basketball camp he went to is about 10 (+/- depending on if you get stopped for speeding etc or not) hours north.  I was stressing about him being gone so far because he’s terrible at staying in contact.  Thankfully the dad who went is awesome at sending texts to keep all the mommies updated.  He sent us texts daily and photos of fun things the boys were doing.

The boys ended up 14/2 for the week and also WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP today.  So very cool.

If your kid ever goes away for a week – just make sure you send a dad who is great at keeping you informed and giving you play by plays of the game.  It makes it way easier to handle.  (Though it did make me a little sad that I wasn’t there watching for myself…)


So Special

I was working today and going about my business when one of the ‘special’ people I work with provided me with the perfect blog.  So, here’s to you “Mr. Special”.

He sent someone to ask me to do something for him.  I took over my department three years ago.  The request was something we haven’t been able to do in over four years.  I told the person we were unable to do that and gave him directions on how to get his job done.  Not 5 minutes later I got an email from Mr. Special.  He wanted to know why I said we were unable to complete his request.  I sent a reply explaining the situation.  Then, I went back to work (it was a very busy day).  Not an hour later Mr. Special was in my office.  He explained to me in a very loud voice that I should fulfill his request.  He explained exactly how I should do it.  Granted, he has had zero experience in my position.  He has zero concept of the machines I have available and the functions they perform.  So, he pointed to multiple machines and told me to just use them to do what he wanted.  It was almost laughable.  I explained again why we were unable to fulfill his request.

He gave me another ‘solution’.  Without going into too much detail he wanted me to perform the task with a regular shop drill when what I would need is an industrial paper drill.  I had to explain the fact that it would chew the paper, had the ability to catch the paper on fire, and just wouldn’t work.  He said “What?  Who told you that it would do that?”

First, I think it’s interesting that he would insist that we can do something that we didn’t have the capability to do and we haven’t had the ability to do for longer than I’ve been in charge of the department.

Second, it’s also interesting that he had the impertinence to tell me how to do my own job especially when he’s neither qualified nor was his idea even CLOSE to usable.  It’d be different if he didn’t do my job but had great ideas.  But, instead he was obnoxious, pushy,  and his ideas were just plain stupid.  They made him look immature and ridiculous.

The best part was that after his special ideas and my explanation he actually sent me a email that apologized.  Honestly, that was surprising, but lovely.  It’s a first and I have to admit I almost completely forgave him.