One of my first posts was about how I volunteer too much.  This is still true.  However, the flip side of that is the importance/joy that comes with being a servant.  I recently read a good blog on the difference between serving and being a servant.

It really struck me that there is a distinction.  I hadn’t thought about it before.  The place my heart is certainly plays a big part in which role I am in.  Am I feeling obligated to serve someone or am I serving with a gracious heart?  Sitting back and thinking about this makes me think what a great Bible study it would make to have people look at their lives and see where they fit with that question.

Serving out of duty or obligation does not make a happy heart.  It causes us to be resentful and angry. Serving out of love is something different entirely and changes my outlook on things that need to be done.

Where is your heart?  Are you a servant or are you serving?

2 thoughts on “Service

  1. I love this. It is such an important question to consider. I have been overextending myself lately, and now I am wondering if it is out of obligation or desire. Thanks for sharing!

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