Pack it up

I’ve spent this week washing clothes, folding, etc.  Suitcases have been pulled out, sleeping bags aired and ready.  Family vacation?  Nope – guess again.

Instead, my husband left today to go camping for 3 days with his best friend.  My oldest son is headed to basketball camp for a week starting Sunday, and the twins have multiple sleep overs planned.  I am the only one staying home.  I guess that’s a mini vacation in and of itself, isn’t it?  At least it would be if everyone was going on the same days…

Ah, summer.  I generally realize it’s a few months of packing and unpacking with laundry happening between weekend trips.  This year it’s interesting that only a few of our trips are together.  Must be a sign the kids are getting older.

In two weeks we have a family trip.  Yes, it will include all five of us.  It will be short (like all of our trips have been since my husband started his own business).  But, three days of our family in the sun, sand, and hanging out with our best friends sounds amazing.  I can hardly wait.

As a child I had no idea how much work, time, and money a family trip (even a three day one) took.  My parents had a family almost twice the size of ours.  They seriously were amazing at getting us all to and fro.  I keep wondering if I’m building awesome memories with my kids or if all this stuff really counts… are we doing too much, too little, or is there even such a thing as too much and too little when it comes to family time?  Of course, I won’t know for sure until they are adults and I hear them discussing their memories with their spouses and children.  Which leads me to wonder…where the heck is that handbook again?



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