I work in a large office.  I love what I do and I generally enjoy all the different types of people I work with.

There are a few – we call them the 10% – 20% of people who just can’t follow the rules and they just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to social situations or work situations.  There is one who is truly the worst offender in my office.  She refuses to pay any attention to the processes or procedures that everyone else has set up.  Instead, she tries to do things her own way (and almost always a different way every time).

Part of working for a big company is that there are many departments.  At first, I thought that was a little strange because, well, I can do several of the things that other people do.  But, after being here for an extended period of time I can see how amazingly good people are at their jobs.  I may be able to do something, but the people in that department do it WAY faster and probably much better than I would.

So, today the worst offender (now referred to as WO)emails me that she has work for me.  GREAT!  I love work and I love being busy.  Then, in classic form she says ‘I hear you know how to do this too’, and asks me to do something that she has always had a different department do because it’s their job.  I told her she’d need to request that the appropriate department do the job and if they need me they can always ask me for help.  But, it’s their job to delegate their work.   She responds to my email with “okay.”.  But, then she walks across the building to my office.

WO: So, you don’t want to do that work for me?

Me: I would be happy to, but we can’t overstep our bounds.  We need to give that work to the people it belongs to.  If they need me – I’m happy to help.

WO:  But, you know how.

Me: Yes.

Honestly, I’m not sure what there is NOT to get.  If WO thinks work belongs to her and someone else takes it – she has a fit and emails them as well as their boss (and several other people who probably wonder why they are on the email chain).  Seriously, if you’re that territorial about your work it seems like you’d understand that following the proper procedure is a good idea.

In the meantime I’m just going along my merry way getting my own work done and hoping that WO doesn’t spend too much time over here in my area.

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