What does that mean?

It’s very interesting to work in an office with such a wide range of ages.  There are people who are 10 years younger than me.  And, there are people who are 35 years older than me.  Then, there are people all in between.

After working for my dad as a young girl I know how to deal with those who are a generation before me.  I actually enjoy a lot of what they have to give.  The vast majority of the ones I know are hard working, smart, and polite.  However, working in an office of Engineers has taught me that ‘polite’ means something different to different people.  And, honestly, each of us has a different threshold for what we can deal with.

One of my favorite internal clients is apparently considered hard to work with.  I like that he is upfront, wants things done on schedule and that he wants to check up on us from time to time to be sure the job is done correctly.  Obviously, what goes to our external clients should be as good as we can get it.

He brought me a document and asked me to get it ready for the clients.  He didn’t have the cover yet, but promised to get it to me soon.  I started working immediately.  It was a large job and took me a couple days.  The second day he sent me the cover.  On the front it had BIG letters that said WTF right across the middle.  I printed one for each document, but I was cracking up the whole time.  When he came to check on them I pointed at them and said ‘That’s hysterical’.  He looked at me with a blank stare and then asked “What does that mean?”  This client is easily 30 years older than I am.  I said “Um…do you have children?”  He said he did.  I said “How old are they?” He confirmed they were college aged.  So, I said “well, you might want to ask your children what it means…”  He started looking concerned and said ‘no, tell me! What does it mean??”  I laughed and told him.  He looked that the covers, looked at me, and then said “Well, the guys I’m sending it to will know that I mean Water Treatment Facility.  They are about my age.” He laughed and left.

Water Treatment Facility had never even occurred to me. HA!

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