Addiction complaints

There is a Starbucks that is almost perfectly on my way to work.  The only turn out of the normal route I have to make is the one that turns me into the Starbucks drive thru.  Having been a Starbucks addict for many years I know my neighborhood Starbucks employees.  They have some staff changes here and there.  Generally, they are great at hiring and I have only ever met a few I didn’t care for.

In the past 3 months or so my Starbucks has hired someone I just can’t seem to get used to.

  • She corrects me on my order every single time.  No matter if I repeat back what she said the time before she says it different the next time.  I think she’s messing with me.
  • I have always received the long straw for my drink.  When she works – I am always given the short straw.  The first time I said “May I please have the big straw?”  She said “No.  Those are only for the trente cups.”  I said, “Oh.  Really?  I get one every time I come here….which is almost daily.”  She said “well, no one should give them to you because they are not for your  size cup.”  I said “oh.  Okay…can I have one though?”  She gave me one, but she was obviously annoyed.
  • The next couple times through I paid with the App on my phone.  Each time when I stick my arm out the window so she can scan it she says (in a accusing tone) “I can’t touch your phone.  You will just have to wait until I’m ready to scan it.”  Okay…I’m happy to do that.  I don’t care if you can touch my phone or not I still have to stick it out the window for you to scan, right!?!

I thought this would get better as time went on.  But, it hasn’t.  She is cranky.  I don’t like it.  I like that Starbucks people are constantly happy when I come to see them.  I feel like they are my friends.  She’s making me sad to go there.  And, I have NO WAY to know if she will  be the person at the window when I pull up.  Bummer!

Today she hassled me about my phone app, my straw and corrected my order.  I am getting to the point where I might write a letter.  I need to figure what her name is first though.  I don’t think it will be appropriate to send a letter that says “Dear Starbucks, your cranky employee has got to go!” without a name.  Perhaps there is more than one.

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