So Special

I was working today and going about my business when one of the ‘special’ people I work with provided me with the perfect blog.  So, here’s to you “Mr. Special”.

He sent someone to ask me to do something for him.  I took over my department three years ago.  The request was something we haven’t been able to do in over four years.  I told the person we were unable to do that and gave him directions on how to get his job done.  Not 5 minutes later I got an email from Mr. Special.  He wanted to know why I said we were unable to complete his request.  I sent a reply explaining the situation.  Then, I went back to work (it was a very busy day).  Not an hour later Mr. Special was in my office.  He explained to me in a very loud voice that I should fulfill his request.  He explained exactly how I should do it.  Granted, he has had zero experience in my position.  He has zero concept of the machines I have available and the functions they perform.  So, he pointed to multiple machines and told me to just use them to do what he wanted.  It was almost laughable.  I explained again why we were unable to fulfill his request.

He gave me another ‘solution’.  Without going into too much detail he wanted me to perform the task with a regular shop drill when what I would need is an industrial paper drill.  I had to explain the fact that it would chew the paper, had the ability to catch the paper on fire, and just wouldn’t work.  He said “What?  Who told you that it would do that?”

First, I think it’s interesting that he would insist that we can do something that we didn’t have the capability to do and we haven’t had the ability to do for longer than I’ve been in charge of the department.

Second, it’s also interesting that he had the impertinence to tell me how to do my own job especially when he’s neither qualified nor was his idea even CLOSE to usable.  It’d be different if he didn’t do my job but had great ideas.  But, instead he was obnoxious, pushy,  and his ideas were just plain stupid.  They made him look immature and ridiculous.

The best part was that after his special ideas and my explanation he actually sent me a email that apologized.  Honestly, that was surprising, but lovely.  It’s a first and I have to admit I almost completely forgave him.

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