Hail the conquering heroes!

The week is up and my oldest is coming home tonight!  I am so excited.  I’ve missed him, even though it’s been much quieter since he’s been gone.  I’m not a big fan of quiet anyway.

The basketball camp he went to is about 10 (+/- depending on if you get stopped for speeding etc or not) hours north.  I was stressing about him being gone so far because he’s terrible at staying in contact.  Thankfully the dad who went is awesome at sending texts to keep all the mommies updated.  He sent us texts daily and photos of fun things the boys were doing.

The boys ended up 14/2 for the week and also WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP today.  So very cool.

If your kid ever goes away for a week – just make sure you send a dad who is great at keeping you informed and giving you play by plays of the game.  It makes it way easier to handle.  (Though it did make me a little sad that I wasn’t there watching for myself…)


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