My favorite pastime

My youngest son loves pretty much every sport he’s ever played.  He has a natural aptitude for sports.  But, if anyone asks him – his favorite sport is baseball.  The sad part of that is that he has such amazingly horrible allergies that it’s often difficult for him to play in the Spring.  This year we signed him up for a Summer league.  I was concerned that it’s not as competitive as the other leagues.  But, my husband and I decided that if he could play without being in an allergy pill drowsy state that it would probably be better for him personally.

He played his first game last night.  I have to say that he looks SO adorable in his uniform.  Something about little boys in baseball uniforms is the best.  Not sure why.

So, here’s the actual problem I have.  I hate baseball.  I realize that’s considered ‘not American’.  I realize that there is some sort of requirement that I understand the rules, enjoy the hours spent on the field etc.  But, the truth is – I hate it.  I don’t understand half the rules.  I don’t like being outside with bugs on me.  I hate that the urine smell from the bathrooms can be smelled long before I actually walk over to them.  I’ve tried to play baseball.  I’ve tried to learn to like it.  It hasn’t worked out.

I was concerned when my boy started showing so much interest in baseball.  What was I going to do?  I mean, I go to my children’s other sporting events and yell and cheer and help out as much as possible.  My youngest son is the one who would notice my lack of interest the most.  So, I made it my mission to cheer as hard at baseball as I do at volleyball and basketball.  The first season was pretty difficult.  The kids sucked.  (Obviously, they are just learning.  Not judging … just saying…)  And, since I don’t feel that the sport redeems itself – it made for some really boring baseball watching.  But, after a few games I got better at cheering for him and the whole team.  I’ve found many phrases can be shared between the sports too.  “Good try”, good hustle”, “way to stick with it” can all be shouted and sound encouraging no matter what sport you’re talking about.

So, what I’ve discovered throughout multiple season of baseball is this:  while the majority of Americans may claim that baseball is their favorite pastime – my favorite pastime is watching my kids do things they love, improve, and feel like they have accomplished something.  I can live with that.


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