Pre Camp

We are headed out camping this coming weekend.  My husband has decided this is the summer the twins will learn to pack for themselves.  I’m okay with that.  It’s interesting to see their personalities come out while they are learning.

First, he had the kids get their sleeping bags out.  They recently had a sleep over so they were sitting the bottom of the closet and were not rolled up.  He had them pull them out to the center of the living room floor.  Child 2 found her bag immediately, brought it out and spread it all the way across the floor and then laid on it.   Child 3 spent about 5 minutes ‘searching’, but never found it.  He did manage to find four G.I Joe guys and his phone.  Child 1 had to be ‘gently reminded’ to get off the couch several times (he kept getting up but then whenever we would look back he’d be back there).

Child 2 wanted to roll the bag without getting off the floor.  She’d slide the bag (which would make it unroll) but she, of course, didn’t notice how big it was getting.  She was still rolling away.  Child 3 informed us that he couldn’t possibly roll his sleeping bag up until it had been washed.  It’d been used by his brother and needed to be cleaned before he used it.  Child 3 had already rolled his sleeping bag after basketball camp so he again settled on the couch.

Then, it was time to get the suitcases out.    Child 1 grabbed his, brought it out and sat on the couch again (seriously, I finally threatened him).  Child 2 didn’t want to touch hers.  It had gathered some dust since it was last used.  Child 3 couldn’t find his.  But, he did find a couple toys and sat quietly playing with them until I noticed he was gone.

It’s funny to see how each of them figures out how to avoid the chore.  The joy of being a mom…

Rolling up sleeping bags takes ‘teamwork’….LOL


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