Camped at a lovely place this weekend.  It’s not far from our house (about 1.5 away) but it was cool and pretty.  The kids had a blast.  They rode bikes, swam, fished, had smores, and pretty much were happy to be free from the normal everyday routine.

We got off to a late departure (shocker – seems to be our MO with this group of people…maybe something to do with having 10 people we’re trying to coordinate).  A late departure means late set-up and late dinner.  Thankfully, we’d prepared most of dinner before we left.  So, we quickly heated everything up after setting up camp and then the kids rode bikes a couple laps, and then we hung out at the campfire.

I’m not a big fan of sleeping on the ground.  I’m not a big fan of sleeping pretty much anywhere but my bed.  But, I agreed to sleep in the back of our suburban.  My husband bought a mattress to fit and we’d done it before and it was okay.  The three boys were sleeping in the tent.  The three girls decided to sleep in our friends brand new (BEAUTIFUL!) trailer.  My husband informed me he forgot the mattress for the suburban.  Lame.  I knew my hips and back would not be impressed, but I just said “it’s okay.  It will be fine.”  We got the kids in bed,  got everyone situated and I was nearly asleep when the car door opened.  It was child #3.  “Mom, those people are super loud over there.  I can’t get to sleep.”  I asked about the older boys.  Of course, like normal teenagers – they had passed out and not even noticed the noise.


Older boys sleeping like rocks

So, I told him to go back to his tent and try to fall asleep.  But, then the neighbors (not our friends, but the other neighbors) were so loud I could hear them in the suburban so I opened the car door and called to him that he could come get in the car with us.  He jumped up, brought his sleeping bag and pillow and climbed in.   And then it began…

He wiggled.  He talked.  He squirmed.  He twisted.  He did not sleep.  So, finally I said “Maybe I will go sleep on the air mattress in the tent.”  I let him take my spot in the suburban and I went to the tent.  The older boys never heard a noise.  It really was unbelievable.  I kept drifting off and the neighbors who were crazy loud would yell or fall or something.  Craziness.  I would jump and then realize where I was.  My back and hips were better than expected, but they still are not super pleased about the events of the weekend.

Mostly I was just impressed the teenage boys ability to sleep on the ground, sleep soundly, and basically until they were forced to get up.  Then, they’d stumble from the tent, and my oldest would grunt something like “I’m hungry…” Haha.

We did have fun (as long as the kids were fed and there was food in sight for them so they were not worried that they may be hungry again soon).  It’s so nice to have friends who we enjoy doing things with!

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