A moment to brag

Recently it’s been pretty eye opening  to watch my husband do all the things he does.  I mean, I know he’s amazing.  But, sometimes when I step back from the chaos and watch – I am impressed yet again.

We married young and were told many times that we would ‘never make it’.  Of course, when you’re 19 you assume people are crazy.  What could they possibly know about your love?  Obviously, love concurs all…right?  Then, life keeps moving forward and storms come and go and you realize why people say those things – because in many cases it’s very true that people won’t make it.  And they don’t.  But, we have been blessed with the ability to accept, move forward and generally see things in a way that allows us to laugh.

My husband works nights.  He is still willing to get up ‘early’ (for him) and take our children to and fro, feed them, help them with homework, coach their teams, and any other thing that may come up.  I have just recently realized that maybe not everyone understands he works nights.  He receives phone calls and emails nearly every day in the morning and early afternoon.  People expect responses immediately.  Most of the people should be aware, but perhaps they are not?  He answers most people with patience and a generous dose of grace.  He’s a much better person than I am.  Where I am wild, high strung and crazy – he is calm, easy going, and deliberate.  I want to respond to everything and everyone immediately with my ideas.  He usually reminds me to sit back and think about the implications and the repercussions of each plan and action.  Really, it’s a good team because we can see both sides of those situations when we work together.

I am sure that everyone says their spouse is amazing, but I think it’s good to take a bit and brag on them every once in awhile.  They are our second half, our soul mates, our best friends.  People should know why.



Construction Junction

I’ve never been a fan of construction.  I like the finished product, but I have difficulty with the ‘in between’ stage when there is trash, extra parts, dust, etc all over.

Our office building is under construction.  I was told from the get-go that this construction would not involve me or the area I sit in.  My office is one of two places that will have nothing done.  I said a silent thank you to the construction fairies and moved on.

But, the first day of rewiring I was informed that all the wires actually are just above my area so the wiring and construction guys would be in my area, bu would ‘be respectful of the work space’  and would ‘keep things cleaned up’.  In fact, they told me I would ‘hardly notice they were here”.  I am sad to say those statements have all been lies.

ADMISSION: I am sure that for my part – I am easily annoyed by people in my space.  Obviously, that does not bode well for the situation.  The signs that say “pardon our dust” are liars too.  There is so much more than dust that needs to be pardoned.  And, it doesn’t matter how good a crew is because their job is to pull everything apart.  It just causes mayhem for a bit and that’s the way of construction.

The past two weeks have been miserable.  I have had people with ladders all over the place.  At first I decided I would just move to the other counters so that my work would not interfere with their work.  But, twice in a row (literally moments apart), when I took the time to move all my work to different counters the people with ladders came behind and blocked access to where I’d moved my work.  The crew was using the ladders incorrectly.  I am not a big Health and Safety person.  I pretty much think that when it comes to being dumb with stuff there is a certain degree of ‘survial of the fittest that needs to come into play’.  But, these guys were jumping with them, walking with them, shaking them when other people are on them, etc.  Yesterday my color machine had no communication with the computers because they’d accidentally disconnected it and they had to figure out where that happened.  Today, I came in and that machine was back online, but all the other machines I use had lost power.  I find this just really bizarre.  So, I notified people on our end who are supposed to deal with such things.  The first response was basically “there is construction happening’.  YES.  I am AWARE that construction is happening.  It’s actually happening ALL AROUND ME.  It’s driving me mad.  Then, when I was more clear I told them that I couldn’t actually do my work because nothing worked.  So, I got some extension cords and started moving things around until I found plugs that worked.  I got the job finished that had to go out the door.  Then, I was informed the kitchen stuff was turned out.  (I am sure I’m being informed because I used to be the person who was supposed to deal with these people.  Not anymore!)  I forwarded the issue to our in office contact and then went to lunch.  When I came back – the microwave had been moved from the kitchen to my area ON TOP OF A GARBAGE CAN.  Um, ew!?!  Also, really!?!

I feel badly because I don’t want to seem unreasonable or annoying or whatever.  I just want it to ‘not affect me’ like I was told.

Live it!

School is in session and we’ve jumped into things head first.  It’s sort of my style, I guess.  We have so many things going on and we love all of them.  I just need to sit down and make some sense of the schedule so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Already, we’ve had the normal new school year things.  The assessment of the new kids in the class after the first day – you know – names, descriptions, and first impressions.  Last year, Trevor and I had a conversation about what a name means and why we should remember the names of people.  This year he was able to come home and tell me all the names of the new kids.  I didn’t even ask him – he volunteered it.  So cool.

I have an ongoing discussion with my children about befriending kids who don’t have someone to play with, eat lunch with, or just to talk to.  It’s true that there are people who are difficult to get along with.  It’s also true that you simply will not get along with everyone in the world.  But, the biggest truth is that Jesus loves us all despite our personality flaws and character faults.  One of the things I remind my kids is that a good friend lets others know when they are annoying the group too.  Some people really don’t even know they are being annoying!  They can’t improve if no one helps them.  The same is true of the kids who are ‘too cool’.  It’s a different, more socially accepted annoyance.  But, it is still annoying to watch as an adult and sometimes as a kid too and they don’t even know sometimes.

I’ve told my kids about my youth as a snobby teenager and how that put me in a position to have to apologize to someone as an adult.  It was such a humbling and eye opening experience.  I want them to avoid that as much as possible.  Today a friend posted this on Facebook.  I read it and had tears and wanted to yell “YES!!”.  The only thing I would add is that the kids won’t necessarily be rewarded for showing Jesus.  My oldest was informed he couldn’t be in the ‘cool group’ because he was too nice to the people who were not cool.  It blew my mind that such a conversation would even take place, but I can see my teenage self saying something just as stupid.

My prayer for my children has always been that they be better than I ever was at anything and everything. But, when it comes down to it – nothing really matters except how they are living what they believe.  If they are not living it then it’s worth nothing.

Back to School

School started this week.  Let’s not discuss the fact that it’s only mid August.  What really matters now is that it’s in session.  I officially have a high school student and two fourth grade students.  This is just bizarre.

My high school student is taking classes like Biology, Graphic Design, Geometry, Geography…you know, classes that basically help shape the rest of your life and your career path.  It is mind blowing how quickly that happened.  I remember his first day of Pre-K like it was just last week.

My fourth grade students are in separate classes this year.  They are excited to be separate.  I am not a fan.  However, I am going to let it go and focus on the good that can happen with the separation instead of the annoying stuff that it brings for me.

With school starting we also have swim team, flag football, and basketball happening.  You know – we do that just to keep ourselves running crazy. 😀

Every school year brings mild refusal to accept the fact that my children are growing up and won’t need me much longer.  That fact makes me sad.  The up side is that I get chance to watch my kids do amazing things, learn about life, and become awesome humans.  I try to keep that in the front of my thoughts.  The other stuff is just too sad.


We went to the Giant’s game today.  We had a group of 12 who went.  It was a blast!  The kids loved that Jeremy Affeldt signed their hat/sweatshirt/backpack and that they got to watch batting practice.  They loved the free hot dogs, the free drinks and our free seats (I think it’s funny that they get so excited about them being free because they don’t really pay for their own stuff anyway).  The weather was beautiful.  The ball game was sold out.  The crowd seemed to be enjoying being out of their offices and in the park for the afternoon.  My Trevor, who got the free tickets after playing Jr. Giants, declared the game to be ‘better than Disneyland’.  And so I declare the day a huge success.  Thank you, San Francisco Giants for helping us make my son’s dream come true.  We will try to see you again next summer!

Giant Miracles

My youngest son loves baseball (as I’ve mentioned).  He asked us to take him to a game because several of his friends have gone to San Francisco Giants games and when they came back they informed him that the games were ‘amazing’.  I have checked out prices for tickets and while they are not crazy expensive – once we add the cost of fuel, food, and the time off work – it adds up.  I told him to pray about it because God loves to give us the desires of our hearts.

I heard from a few people that having my son play Jr. Giants would be a great way for him to maybe get some free tickets.  So, I signed him up (it was a free league).  He loved it.  It really is a great program.  It’s geared toward educating the kids on making healthy choices, the importance of reading, and the basics of baseball.  I was happy it turned out to be a great experience (sometimes you worry as a parent when you try something new).  At the end of the season the kids can all put their name in the drawing to win tickets to a Giant’s game.  We waited all season just for that!  My son told me multiple times that he was doing all the stuff his coach said so he would be able to put his name in the drawing.

The day of the drawing we spent over an hour standing outside in 110 degree weather waiting for the names to be drawn. As the drawing went on the kids were inching closer and closer.  Finally, toward the end all the kids were standing up at the top of the steps right next to the woman who was drawing.  Our name wasn’t drawn.  After she finished giving away all the tickets for the game that was that weekend she said if we wanted to stick around she was going to do a different drawing.  I didn’t know what she meant exactly, but was hoping we’d at least get something from that drawing if we stayed.  It turned out she had more tickets to give away for a Wednesday game.  And, so few people stayed that she gave each of us FOUR TICKETS!  So, we ended up with 8 tickets to take ourselves and a few friends to the game this coming Wednesday.  To add to this great surprise – each ticket includes a free lunch!  So, we won’t have to pay to eat at the park!

I am not a big baseball fan.  However, I am a huge fan of seeing my kids have their prayers answered.  I am also a huge fan of free stuff.  What a great experience for us!  My youngest is so excited he can hardly stand it.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough for him.  I admit, I’m pretty excited too…