I have always thought watching the Olympics were cool.  I love the idea of everyone all over the world competing.  It makes the world seem a lot smaller than it usually does.

I have memories of watching with my siblings and parents.  We would all sit and watch and cheer on the USA.  I have tried to recreate this with my own family.  We have always watched together.  But, this year they are not that excited.  I can hardly get them to sit with me.  How is that possible?  Seems like they need some patriotic lessons!  I have teased my oldest that it must mean he doesn’t love America.  He told me he loves America, but he’d rather just hear the results than sit and watch.

So, here I sit watching swimming, gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball all on my own.  I do admit I turned it on and it was weight lifting. I was impressed for a moment until I realized the guys I was watching were actually women.  It freaked me out so much I had to turn the channel.

This is the first time I’ve watched the Olympics with DVR.  So, I feel like I’m seeing more.  I’m watching all the ones I enjoy, but am able to fast forward through the stuff I’m not interested in watching.

I am wondering if I should hold my own Olympics at our house to get them in the spirit?  Maybe we could have events like laundry folding, dish washing, and toilet cleaning.   I could even hand out metals.  (Not real gold, silver, and bronze, but I have some metallic sharpies that will do a great job on tin foil…maybe those gold coins filled with chocolate…)



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