The goodness of the Lord

My mother has been wrestling with breast cancer.  So much involved in dealing with that.  She has been an amazing example of faith, strength, and peace.

The chemo made food taste strange and she got to the point where the only things that tasted good were burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  Her grandchildren didn’t see the problem with that menu for every meal.  The chemo did its job and shrunk the tumor and cleared the skin cancer as well.  So, once her treatments were finished she waited a few weeks and then had her surgery scheduled.  The night before surgery we had a family dinner and a time of prayer for her.  What a heritage to grow up in a family who bathes things in prayer!

By the time it was surgery time – the tumor and the skin cancer were back.  Not as bad as they had been, but back in a very visible way.  Scary stuff.  So, this week she had her surgery.  My siblings and I sat at the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out of the surgery room.  Throughout the day my local brothers and sisters were all there with my dad.  It made me think how very blessed we have been to grow up in a family with lots of people who love us no matter what.  e We were entertained to look around and notice we all had our phones in our hands and were entertaining ourselves with them.  Every little bit a doctor would come out and call a name.  There were several names who didn’t have anyone waiting for them.  I found that heart wrenching.  How horrible it would be to have surgery and not have anyone who cared show up to show their love and support.  It made me think that it’s a wonderful place to volunteer…will have to look into it.  Then, the doctor came out.  She was calm and assured us the surgery went well and Mom was recovering nicely.  She told us not to expect the lab results until Wednesday at the earliest and maybe longer than that.

They sent Mom home the next day.  It was amazing to me.  Seriously, just 24 hours after major surgery and she was home.  I went to visit that evening and she was in great spirits.  She was smiling and happy and holding food down.  She started falling asleep and I told her I’d let her get rest so I left.

I called yesterday and she was still feeling good, but obviously a little tired.  Tonight I went over to see her again and she was still in great spirits.   Plus, we had the added bonus of the lab results coming back saying they’d gotten all the cancer!  So wonderful – like a weight lifted off all our shoulders.    God is so good.   She was able to visit for a bit longer, discuss normal every day things, and is quite obviously on the mend.

We are on the road to recovery.  She will have radiation after things heal up a bit more.  So thankful for modern medicine.
Psalm 31:19 How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you.

2 thoughts on “The goodness of the Lord

  1. Linda Kelsey says:

    Diana thank you so much for continuing to keep those of us who love your Mom and are so far away but want to be there waiting with you all to share firsthand God’s precious miracles. God has given you a special gift, continue to share it.

    Love from all your family in Colorado

    P.S. Kiss everyone for Grandma Sugar! Tell your Mom and Dad I love them.

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