I am finding it hard to believe that school starts this next week.  Mid August seems like an odd time to start school.  We never went back until September.  I know, I know – I’m old.  But, seriously – mid August?  Crazy talk!

Before I start fully complaining let me say that I know the reason we set up the schedule like we do is so it matches the public schools in the area and families are all on vacation at the same time.  Got it.

Reasons I don’t care about the logic of the scheduling:

1. It’s the hottest part of the summer for us.  That means that going out shopping for school supplies etc is a horrible chore.

2. I have to buy clothes that work for warm weather for school.  Pretty much it increase what I have to purchase wardrobe for the kids.  DISLIKE

3. Summer is shorter!  I love the organization of the school year, but I enjoy my summer too.  I want to enjoy both.

4. I think everyone should do what I do so they should all be at our school on the same vacations.  Catering to the few who are affected by the vacation thing is weird to me.

5. I am selfish. HAHAHAHA

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