Shopping vs Shopping

I went shopping with my daughter today.  We needed specific items.  We even had a list.  So, after a few hours we went home and my husband asked why it took so long.  After that question a discussion about my idea of shopping and his idea shopping happened.

When TJ has to shop for something he drives directly to whatever store carries the item he is looking for.  He walks in, grabs the item he wants.  He does not look to the left nor the right.  He walks directly to the counter, pays, and leaves.  The end.

When I go shopping I may or may not buy something.   I enter and walk around many stores that have nothing to do with what I’m looking for.  I touch lots of items I have no intention of purchasing.  I may purchase things that are not on my list with the excuse that they were ‘on sale’, ‘a perfect fit’, ‘something I forgot I needed’ or many other reasons.

I have done zero scientific studies, but I assume this is pretty typical of most men vs women shopping trips (at least it is for my family).  I think the whole shopping experience is more to me than getting the item(s) I need to acquire.  It’s relaxing.  It appeals to my senses in many different ways, and it is even more fun with my daughter.


My Diva’s essential school purchase.  She bought them with her own money because her definition of ‘essential’ and mine are slightly different.

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