Giant Miracles

My youngest son loves baseball (as I’ve mentioned).  He asked us to take him to a game because several of his friends have gone to San Francisco Giants games and when they came back they informed him that the games were ‘amazing’.  I have checked out prices for tickets and while they are not crazy expensive – once we add the cost of fuel, food, and the time off work – it adds up.  I told him to pray about it because God loves to give us the desires of our hearts.

I heard from a few people that having my son play Jr. Giants would be a great way for him to maybe get some free tickets.  So, I signed him up (it was a free league).  He loved it.  It really is a great program.  It’s geared toward educating the kids on making healthy choices, the importance of reading, and the basics of baseball.  I was happy it turned out to be a great experience (sometimes you worry as a parent when you try something new).  At the end of the season the kids can all put their name in the drawing to win tickets to a Giant’s game.  We waited all season just for that!  My son told me multiple times that he was doing all the stuff his coach said so he would be able to put his name in the drawing.

The day of the drawing we spent over an hour standing outside in 110 degree weather waiting for the names to be drawn. As the drawing went on the kids were inching closer and closer.  Finally, toward the end all the kids were standing up at the top of the steps right next to the woman who was drawing.  Our name wasn’t drawn.  After she finished giving away all the tickets for the game that was that weekend she said if we wanted to stick around she was going to do a different drawing.  I didn’t know what she meant exactly, but was hoping we’d at least get something from that drawing if we stayed.  It turned out she had more tickets to give away for a Wednesday game.  And, so few people stayed that she gave each of us FOUR TICKETS!  So, we ended up with 8 tickets to take ourselves and a few friends to the game this coming Wednesday.  To add to this great surprise – each ticket includes a free lunch!  So, we won’t have to pay to eat at the park!

I am not a big baseball fan.  However, I am a huge fan of seeing my kids have their prayers answered.  I am also a huge fan of free stuff.  What a great experience for us!  My youngest is so excited he can hardly stand it.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough for him.  I admit, I’m pretty excited too…


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