Back to School

School started this week.  Let’s not discuss the fact that it’s only mid August.  What really matters now is that it’s in session.  I officially have a high school student and two fourth grade students.  This is just bizarre.

My high school student is taking classes like Biology, Graphic Design, Geometry, Geography…you know, classes that basically help shape the rest of your life and your career path.  It is mind blowing how quickly that happened.  I remember his first day of Pre-K like it was just last week.

My fourth grade students are in separate classes this year.  They are excited to be separate.  I am not a fan.  However, I am going to let it go and focus on the good that can happen with the separation instead of the annoying stuff that it brings for me.

With school starting we also have swim team, flag football, and basketball happening.  You know – we do that just to keep ourselves running crazy. 😀

Every school year brings mild refusal to accept the fact that my children are growing up and won’t need me much longer.  That fact makes me sad.  The up side is that I get chance to watch my kids do amazing things, learn about life, and become awesome humans.  I try to keep that in the front of my thoughts.  The other stuff is just too sad.

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. My twins are headed into third grade this year and it will be the second time they’ve been in separate classes. They prefer it that way; I don’t. The hardest part was that each class had a slightly different homework schedule. So, for example, my daughter would come home with a couple math worksheets, a little spelling and a short story to reread, while my son would come home with a multi-page spelling packet, no math and the same short story to read. It made me crazy for the first few weeks trying to figure out if one kid had forgotten his homework or if they just had different stuff on different days.

    Hope your kids had a great start to their school year!

    • Yes, that’s one of the issues. I also find it annoying that I am now invited to 60 birthday parties instead of 30, I have twice as many field trips to feel guilty about missing, and, like you say – the homework is never the same. So, I have to figure out each specific schedule each day. Yikes. Their first couple days were great though.

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