Live it!

School is in session and we’ve jumped into things head first.  It’s sort of my style, I guess.  We have so many things going on and we love all of them.  I just need to sit down and make some sense of the schedule so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Already, we’ve had the normal new school year things.  The assessment of the new kids in the class after the first day – you know – names, descriptions, and first impressions.  Last year, Trevor and I had a conversation about what a name means and why we should remember the names of people.  This year he was able to come home and tell me all the names of the new kids.  I didn’t even ask him – he volunteered it.  So cool.

I have an ongoing discussion with my children about befriending kids who don’t have someone to play with, eat lunch with, or just to talk to.  It’s true that there are people who are difficult to get along with.  It’s also true that you simply will not get along with everyone in the world.  But, the biggest truth is that Jesus loves us all despite our personality flaws and character faults.  One of the things I remind my kids is that a good friend lets others know when they are annoying the group too.  Some people really don’t even know they are being annoying!  They can’t improve if no one helps them.  The same is true of the kids who are ‘too cool’.  It’s a different, more socially accepted annoyance.  But, it is still annoying to watch as an adult and sometimes as a kid too and they don’t even know sometimes.

I’ve told my kids about my youth as a snobby teenager and how that put me in a position to have to apologize to someone as an adult.  It was such a humbling and eye opening experience.  I want them to avoid that as much as possible.  Today a friend posted this on Facebook.  I read it and had tears and wanted to yell “YES!!”.  The only thing I would add is that the kids won’t necessarily be rewarded for showing Jesus.  My oldest was informed he couldn’t be in the ‘cool group’ because he was too nice to the people who were not cool.  It blew my mind that such a conversation would even take place, but I can see my teenage self saying something just as stupid.

My prayer for my children has always been that they be better than I ever was at anything and everything. But, when it comes down to it – nothing really matters except how they are living what they believe.  If they are not living it then it’s worth nothing.

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