Construction Junction

I’ve never been a fan of construction.  I like the finished product, but I have difficulty with the ‘in between’ stage when there is trash, extra parts, dust, etc all over.

Our office building is under construction.  I was told from the get-go that this construction would not involve me or the area I sit in.  My office is one of two places that will have nothing done.  I said a silent thank you to the construction fairies and moved on.

But, the first day of rewiring I was informed that all the wires actually are just above my area so the wiring and construction guys would be in my area, bu would ‘be respectful of the work space’  and would ‘keep things cleaned up’.  In fact, they told me I would ‘hardly notice they were here”.  I am sad to say those statements have all been lies.

ADMISSION: I am sure that for my part – I am easily annoyed by people in my space.  Obviously, that does not bode well for the situation.  The signs that say “pardon our dust” are liars too.  There is so much more than dust that needs to be pardoned.  And, it doesn’t matter how good a crew is because their job is to pull everything apart.  It just causes mayhem for a bit and that’s the way of construction.

The past two weeks have been miserable.  I have had people with ladders all over the place.  At first I decided I would just move to the other counters so that my work would not interfere with their work.  But, twice in a row (literally moments apart), when I took the time to move all my work to different counters the people with ladders came behind and blocked access to where I’d moved my work.  The crew was using the ladders incorrectly.  I am not a big Health and Safety person.  I pretty much think that when it comes to being dumb with stuff there is a certain degree of ‘survial of the fittest that needs to come into play’.  But, these guys were jumping with them, walking with them, shaking them when other people are on them, etc.  Yesterday my color machine had no communication with the computers because they’d accidentally disconnected it and they had to figure out where that happened.  Today, I came in and that machine was back online, but all the other machines I use had lost power.  I find this just really bizarre.  So, I notified people on our end who are supposed to deal with such things.  The first response was basically “there is construction happening’.  YES.  I am AWARE that construction is happening.  It’s actually happening ALL AROUND ME.  It’s driving me mad.  Then, when I was more clear I told them that I couldn’t actually do my work because nothing worked.  So, I got some extension cords and started moving things around until I found plugs that worked.  I got the job finished that had to go out the door.  Then, I was informed the kitchen stuff was turned out.  (I am sure I’m being informed because I used to be the person who was supposed to deal with these people.  Not anymore!)  I forwarded the issue to our in office contact and then went to lunch.  When I came back – the microwave had been moved from the kitchen to my area ON TOP OF A GARBAGE CAN.  Um, ew!?!  Also, really!?!

I feel badly because I don’t want to seem unreasonable or annoying or whatever.  I just want it to ‘not affect me’ like I was told.

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