A moment to brag

Recently it’s been pretty eye opening  to watch my husband do all the things he does.  I mean, I know he’s amazing.  But, sometimes when I step back from the chaos and watch – I am impressed yet again.

We married young and were told many times that we would ‘never make it’.  Of course, when you’re 19 you assume people are crazy.  What could they possibly know about your love?  Obviously, love concurs all…right?  Then, life keeps moving forward and storms come and go and you realize why people say those things – because in many cases it’s very true that people won’t make it.  And they don’t.  But, we have been blessed with the ability to accept, move forward and generally see things in a way that allows us to laugh.

My husband works nights.  He is still willing to get up ‘early’ (for him) and take our children to and fro, feed them, help them with homework, coach their teams, and any other thing that may come up.  I have just recently realized that maybe not everyone understands he works nights.  He receives phone calls and emails nearly every day in the morning and early afternoon.  People expect responses immediately.  Most of the people should be aware, but perhaps they are not?  He answers most people with patience and a generous dose of grace.  He’s a much better person than I am.  Where I am wild, high strung and crazy – he is calm, easy going, and deliberate.  I want to respond to everything and everyone immediately with my ideas.  He usually reminds me to sit back and think about the implications and the repercussions of each plan and action.  Really, it’s a good team because we can see both sides of those situations when we work together.

I am sure that everyone says their spouse is amazing, but I think it’s good to take a bit and brag on them every once in awhile.  They are our second half, our soul mates, our best friends.  People should know why.


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