Army of Minion

Generally when I receive a unrealistic deadline I break my neck trying to reach it and then finally have to say I can’t make it.  I do this to my detriment.  I also have difficulty communicating it in the beginning because I assume if I push hard enough I can make it happen.  Most the time that is true.  But, not always.

Yesterday, when I told the person who was nearly two days late getting me his documents that his tardiness would make it impossible for me to fulfill his request that I ‘finish early” so he “can get out of here” he offered to help and to bring his staff down to help too.  I was leery. I told him that it would cost a lot to pay them to do my job.  He said it was worth it to make the client happy.  So, within 10 minutes he was back with multiple of his staff.  I have only once had someone who was ‘important’ do that while I’ve been here and it was so amazing to see them all show up.

The best part about them all being in my area was that while I was training them and they were working there were repeated comments like “this is hard!  I’m tired.  How do you do this all day? This really takes a long time!”  YES!  Exactly.  Against all popular belief (which I do my best to instill in everyone) I am not magic.  I do not create these things out of thin air.  Instead, I work as hard as I can as fast as I can to make miracles happen.  It was rewarding.

Here are my army of minion


The Battlefield of Feelings

My husband and I are very involved with many different groups that involve youth.  We want to be involved in things our children participate in and we want to help.

One of the things I did not anticipate happening is that we have become a second family for multiple kids.  Our kids all have second families too.  It’s so nice to know that there is a whole group of people who love our kids as much as we love their kids.

The only thing hard about the situation is when something comes up that involves discipline or some sort of morality decision.  It turns out that not everyone – no matter how close you may be – have the exact same morals or opinions that we do.  Navigating that situation is always difficult simply because the desire to keep their feelings from being hurt as well as the desire to help the child who needs help are both equally strong.

I don’t think discussing ‘sticky’ subjects will ever become more comfortable.  I just wish there was a way to make it fast, painless and easy.


It’s been a wild week so far and I still have a few days left to survive.  There are just those times when life comes up and kicks your feet right out from under you and you’re laying on your back thinking, “what the heck just happened??”

We started the week down one car.  That’s always frustrating, but something we can make work – just takes more effort.  I knew my mom would be starting her radiation this week, but that’s something that still weighs on my heart.  It’s just another thing for her to deal with after the chemo and mastectomy.  On Tuesday my oldest called from school with the stomach flu.  I had to leave work and go pick him up.  On my way back from the school I got a call from my daughter’s pediatric neurologist.  Her latest EEG showed some issues.  They want us to consider doing surgery.  I am not good at processing that sort of information.  I went into immediate freak out mode.  What does brain surgery mean?  How will this affect her in the future?  We made our consult appointment (We go in the 5th) and now I am waiting.  As I’ve mentioned before, I stink at waiting.  I contacted most of my friends and asked them to pray.  Sometimes the day is just too much.  So, I took a sleeping pill and went to bed.  I woke in the morning refreshed, and feeling renewed.  My body was rested, but my heart felt rested too.  There are still so many questions and so many things to figure out, but for today I am calm.  I am waiting patiently for what the future holds.  And, I have co-workers who will bring me flowers like these to brighten my week.  So, that’s nice too. 🙂

Family Time

We took the kids on an impromptu outing to the dollar theater Saturday night.  None of us had seen the new Spider Man movie so we all hopped in the car to see the 10:30pm showing.  I decided while we waited to go in the theater I should capture a photo.  I should maybe start out by saying that my family doesn’t really care to have their photo taken as often as I like to take it.  But, we haven’t had a family shot in awhile so I tried anyway.


I guess at least we are all in it…sort of.

Passive Aggressive

Recently, I was forced to deal with someone on a nearly daily work basis who is passive aggressive.  Generally, if I notice someone is passive aggressive – I just delete them from as much of my life as I possibly can.  I dislike dealing with people who won’t just come out and say what they want and who try to make the rest of the world feel guilty in the meantime.  I’m sure there are things about a straightforward personality that are hard to deal with, but I much prefer that to passive aggressive.

This person would say the most bizarre things and then once they walked away I would realize that they were totally insulting me.  They would also act like they were trying to be helpful, but were really just annoyed that they thought I should be doing things differently.  Let me give an example.

Passive Aggressive: Hello.  How are you?  I need your help getting this document together.  We need it done as soon as you possibly can.

Me: Okay.  Let me know when you’re ready for my help and I will help you.

<WAIT FOUR HOURS until it’s noon>

Me: I’m going to run to lunch.  I’m still willing to help you just as soon as I get back.

<I get back from lunch.  Passive Aggressive is at my desk doing my portion of the work>

Me:  Can I help you with something?

Passive Aggressive:  Oh…well, I have been waiting for you, but you disappeared.  So, I thought that maybe I should just do this part myself.  I am really in a hurry.

Me: Oh…I told you I was going to lunch.

Passive Aggressive: I didn’t realize you meant right when I needed you.  I guess you didn’t realize this was an important project.

<Passive Aggressive walks away>

WHAT!?!?!  In my mind I’m thinking,  “Well, I did wait for four hours….and I’m allowed a lunch break!”

At first I thought it was me.  I went to my mentor and told her that I was having this issue.  She reminded me to take all emotion out of the situation and re-examine.  I did and thought that maybe Passive Aggressive was unaware that she was being ridiculous.  But, then I discovered that multiple people were having the same issue.  Multiple people were annoyed with the underhanded demanding personality.

This has been my first experience with a truly passive aggressive person.  I’m not a fan.  And, yet – I have to work with this person.  It’s odd.  I can’t just avoid or escape like I normally do. I’m being forced to be an adult.  Not a fan…

No children allowed!

I was looking at blogs the other day and saw a title ‘Recipes for people without children’.   Truth be told, I wanted to click and read it, but I just didn’t have the time.  I passed by the link and finished the task at hand.  But, the title stuck with me.

I don’t think it ever occurred to me that people who don’t have kids should have different recipes than people who do.  Are there certain ingredients the human body cannot tolerate until a certain age and then the body automatically knows that it can be used as fuel?  The whole idea is just really really interesting.

My children have certain likes and dislikes.  But, really – who doesn’t?  Adults have that same issue.  I really dislike avacado.  I really dislike marshmallows.  I’m not sure if that classifies me for the recipe book for people with or without children.  My 10 year old daughter would eat only vegetables and sushi if she could pick her diet.  My 10 year old son would eat only frozen burritos and chicken nuggets.  They have been fed the exact same food from before the time they were born.  Their palates couldn’t be any more different.

I guess what struck me about the title of the link was that it conveyed to me in just the five words that the person thought they were some other species or something.  They were somehow different from people with children.  Not every family who has children allows them to dictate what they eat.  True parenting is training children to become well adjusted adults.  It is not learning to pacify a child by giving in to their every whim.


Recently, I have been struggling with deadlines.  I don’t mean meeting deadlines.  I don’t mean the fact that there are deadlines set.  I mean, I struggle when others set deadlines and don’t meet them.

I am not conceited enough to think that I have never missed a deadline.  I also realize that things happen that make it difficult or impossible to meet a deadline.  However, when the behavior becomes a norm instead of an occasional issue – it’s a problem.  The whole point of a deadline is that it’s something that if you don’t meet it – all efforts are futile.  I mean, right?  Isn’t that the point?  So, if someone is constantly performing futile efforts how are they allowed to continue?

I guess my lesson in this is that I need to make a better effort to be understanding and accepting in whatever is coming my way. I can do my best and simply hope that others do their best as well.  That darn judgemental thing again…I seriously need to work on that!